Liberty Road Media is edited and written by Clinton Kirby, a longtime freelance writer, political commentator, musician, and family man.  In his 40+ years, he’s interviewed a wide range of folks for both print and broadcast, from the lowliest local bands to celebrated personalities like Howard Zinn and Les Paul.

He can be contacted at leftbehindchildATgmailDOTcom.



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  2. AlvieC says:

    Would you be interested in understanding how the private registry violates the Constitutions. I’ll use Texas law to show it, starting with section 51.0001(4)(c), Texas Property Code.

  3. eggsistense says:

    Are you talking about MERS? Whether yes or no, I’d be interested in hearing your take.

  4. AlvieC says:

    It is a complex mess with MERS, but the problem reside with Texas statute 51.0001(4)(C). In essence that subsection allows criminal acts [fraudulent filings] to be given the force of law. 51.0001(1) is the creation of a “person”. That “person” is given greater rights than a citizen, and a political person [political subdivision]. By the creation of the private “person” in 51.0001(1) that allows for the impairment of contracts which is a violation of the Texas and U.S. constitutions. For some strange reason the courts somehow believe MERS is defined in the Texas property code 51.0001(1), but it is not. Such section of the Texas property code allows UCC 9 creditors to deprive real property borrowers of their legal property when the UCC 9 creditor should be engaging with the Account debtor, not the borrower. In essence, private interest, not public interest was at play when (78R) H.B. 1493 was enacted. There is quite a bit more to this as the amended section of the Texas property code also overshadows 3, 4, 7, 8, & 9 of the UCC; then there are finance code, business organization code, tax code, and bankruptcy code to name a few. However this overshadow activity can be found with U.S. codes, I’ve researched this for a few years now to be able to explain how the largest crime in U.S. history is taking place before our eyes. Feel free to contact me.

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