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Slavery and Secession: Old vs. New—TPP Edition

I was chastised last night on Facebook for constantly posting about the reasons why I believe that the rebel flag should be removed from Mississippi’s flag and from South Carolina’s capitol.  And of course, trying in vain to promote my … Continue reading

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“Racial Wallpaper”: Take Down The Rebel Flag

As per usual, it’s hard to beat the commentary of Jon Stewart and his heartfelt take on the Charleston massacre was no exception to that rule.  Stewart absolutely nailed the toxic stew of poverty, paranoia, and white supremacy–masked with slogans … Continue reading

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All Debt Is Odious: Greek Report Gets It Mostly Right

Grexit on, Grexit off…Grexit on, Grexit off…that’s been the story for a while now, but could a new report by the Debt Truth Committee of the Hellenic Parliament which declares that Greece’s debt to the Troika is odious flip the … Continue reading

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Mantras of Slavery, Mantras of Freedom

Chris Hedges gets it so right in his latest piece (latest piece I’ve read, anyway) for Truthdig.  While the piece is ostensibly about the farce elections in America, Hedges can’t help but get in as many digs at the system … Continue reading

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Two pieces of information have struck me recently, both concerning Ireland at first glance, but really concerning all of humankind when you really think about it.  Let me discuss the second piece of info first, which is summed up quite … Continue reading

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