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“Welcome to Freddie and Fannie’s Mortgage Shell Game”: Still As True As The Day It Was First Published

Due to some recent concerns from well-respected foreclosure fighters concerning this fantastic article from the great Shawn Newman possibly being disappeared from the Internet, we present “Welcome to Freddie and Fannie’s Mortgage Shell Game,” still as true today as it … Continue reading

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Mary McCulley: Still the $6 Million Woman

That’s right.  Mary beat the bank.  Again. In an appeal, U.S. Bank tried to get out of paying Mary McCulley the $6 million a Montana jury awarded her back in 2014.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Montana decided against U.S. … Continue reading

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Money Is Fake—People Are Waking Up

A great article from Charles Hugh Smith appeared on Zero Hedge today.  It’s titled “The Changing World Of Work 2: Financialization = Insecurity,” which perfectly encapsulates the entire problem faced by society.  That is, financialization is the enemy of the … Continue reading

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We Are Not Put On This Earth To Obey Cops

  As Mr. Scott’s lawyer says in this story, you don’t get to summarily execute someone for running–period.  It doesn’t matter if he punched the cop in the face and insulted the cop’s mother.  We are not put on this … Continue reading

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A story at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting shows why the official story offered by any government—local, state, national—must always be questioned, whether it’s 9/11 or something like this.  The headline of the FAIR story says it all: “Media Were … Continue reading

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As everyone who has accepted reality knows, the fraudulent concept we currently refer to as “money” is created out of thin air by commercial banks whenever you or I ask for a “loan” (see anniversary post from just yesterday: BANK … Continue reading

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From LRM Facebook correspondent Herman Shorts (vapers, check out his WholeCig e-liquid): Okay…my thoughts on the upcoming “Jade Helm” elite military exercise slated for nine states this summer: 1. Whether or not it’s training for a martial law situation here … Continue reading

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