From LRM Facebook correspondent Herman Shorts (vapers, check out his WholeCig e-liquid):

Jade Helm

Okay…my thoughts on the upcoming “Jade Helm” elite military exercise slated for nine states this summer:

1. Whether or not it’s training for a martial law situation here in the states (the military, of course, denies this) while not irrelevant, is not my central objection, though it remains a legitimate concern. Like they’d tell us if it was. Ha.

2. The civilian population is to be “infiltrated” without our consent, and are essentially being used as guinea pigs without being paid, informed of possible risk…much like many of the medical trials, likewise done without consent throughout this country’s checkered past…this is a way of telling us that we are to be used as the government sees fit. I object.

3. We, the American public are being treated, even if only for training purposes, as an enemy. As THE enemy. There is no denying this. If you put this fact next to published military documents that list libertarians, constitutionalists…and even returning veterans as ACTUAL threats…then it’s absolutely reasonable to believe that this exercise is about US, one way or another. How stupid do they think we are?

4. It doesn’t add up. It makes so little sense as a training exercise for overseas operations, that the cognitive dissonance involved is jarring. Like operating “undetected” while committing petty crimes (yes, that’s part of the drill) would be the same or even reasonably similar in Mississippi to how it would be in say, Ukraine, Iraq…or practically anywhere overseas you could imagine a theater of operations..supposedly being trained for. It’s nonsense.

5. These particular troops being trained are special forces. The sorts of bastards specially chosen because they’d shoot their own grandmothers in the face if ordered. Not a very comforting thought.

Coming to you from the “insurgent pocket” of Riverside County, one of apparently three Southern California counties (Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial) inside the Constitution-free zone

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