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The great word game of banking explained: reclassifying “loans” as “deposits”

The other day, I ran across another stellar article about money creation at Washington’s Blog. The article, titled “A Loophole Allows Banks – But Not Other Companies – to Create Money Out of Thin Air” contains excerpts from a 2014 … Continue reading

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Bailout vs. Bernie: Which is more “socialist?”

Oh, the smugness that doth flow from those who fancy themselves to be cold realists, allegedly harboring nary a scintilla of fantasy about the way the world doth “really work”—a way which these smug folk unfailingly describe with a single, … Continue reading

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“Why Have Any Laws?” Good question with a surprising answer.

That’s actually a good question from Mr. Mandvi in the above meme: “Why have any law?”  Of course, he’s talking about gun laws. But it’s far more important to ask that question about matters other than gun regulations.  What about … Continue reading

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May Day 2015: 5 Reasons Working People Are Pissed…

A repost from last year…ain’t a damn thing changed, so I just changed the year, changed the title a little, but other than that—it’s exactly the same.  Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.  How long must we sing this song?  … Continue reading

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Yes, the banks don’t want you to see what they’re doing–or not doing, as the case may be.  Specifically, they don’t want you to see that they have separated your note from your deed of trust/mortgage.  In my opinion (and … Continue reading

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“Quantitative easing” (QE) is a fancy, bullshit banker term for “We’re going to give free money to banks and it’s going to come out of your pocket.”  Of course, as we all know by now, the money that was and … Continue reading

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So it’s International Worker’s Day…to paraphrase D. Boon from the video above, I’ll put it in simple words why working men (and women) are (or should be) pissed… 1. Banks got bailed out by workers while banks continue to prey … Continue reading

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War is a racket. Money is fictional. These two statements explain all wars, of course, but particularly the adventures of the western powers in the Middle East in the last 2+ decades.  The first statement was spoken by Maj. Gen. … Continue reading

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