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Obedience—not resistance—is futile

  Resistance is not futile—obedience is. Don’t believe me? Think about it. You obey and what happens? More obedience is required. You go to work, you pay your bills, you pay your taxes, you support your candidates, and so on. … Continue reading

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Metallica on the bankster economy?

On their killer new tune “Hardwired,” Metallica probably didn’t intend to comment on the rigged, doomed-to-crash bankster economy, but that’s how I hear these lyrics in the song’s chorus: “We’re so fucked/shit outta luck/hardwired to self-destruct…” It’s the end of … Continue reading

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“Capitalism”=Oligarchy/Feudalism on Steroids

Great post at More Crows Than Eagles called “Unnecessariat”–heavy stuff, all about the effects of supposed “capitalism” which is actually an oligarchy (feudalism?) on steroids which is by, of, and for the rentier class:  “If there’s no economic plan for … Continue reading

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“Secret Shame” of Middle Class vs. Shamelessness of Banks

, While there is certainly much to appreciate in “The Secret Shame of the Middle-Class,” Neal Gabler’s recent article in The Atlantic, I still felt that it ultimately acts as an indictment of, rather than a gesture of solidarity with, … Continue reading

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Conspiracy fact: Actual proof that banks create money out of nothing (Part 1)

Here at LRM, I have written a great deal about the fact that banks create money out of nothing, ex nihilo, out of thin air.  This assertion was made after extensive research into the money-creation process, and I found that … Continue reading

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Wonder why no American elites mentioned in the reporting on “The Panama Papers?” Truthdig explains.

My thoughts exactly in a great new Truthdig article–the Panama Papers are great and all, but where the hell are the Americans mentioned? We’re expected to believe that Americans have clean hands in all this? Is that a joke? No … Continue reading

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Beat The Banks At Their Own Game: Self-Issued Currency In Action (Part Two)

(Part one, about Michael Tellinger and paying off bank “loans” with self-issued promissory notes, can be found here.) What better day to write and post a story involving Irish banks and Irish ingenuity than St. Patrick’s Day? Readers of this … Continue reading

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Sanders disturbs the “profound languor of the comfortable”—with good reason

In her article “Feeling the Yern: Why One Millenial Woman Would Rather Go To Hell Than Vote For Hillary,” writer Holly Wood (cool parents, or nom de plume?) drops this gem: “If I am alarmed, it is by the profound … Continue reading

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FBI, Secret Service members of MERS, but why?

Well now!  This is veeeerrry interesting, indeed. Apparently, the FBI and the Secret Service are members of the opaque, fraud-enabling/title-laundering racket known as MERS.  But why?  Neither the FBI nor the Secret Service are in the real estate business or … Continue reading

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Bernie Holds His Own Against the Billionaire Class

Today has been a day of the Matrix railing against Bernie Sanders.  You know the drill—he just wants to give away free stuff that we all really have to pay for, it’s unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky claptrap, neither he nor his supporters … Continue reading

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