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United Kerfuffle Separates the Statists from the Anarchists

A comment from a Facebook friend completely nails the inexplicable controversy over whether David Dao, the doctor with a checkered professional past,  should’ve been dragged off United 3411 or not: “You can not defend personal freedom and defend what is … Continue reading

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Kaepernick fires off a pass to…everyone. Hopefully we’ll make the catch.

NOTE 9/12/16: This was previously posted August 29, 2016 but was inexplicably removed for some reason.  Probably some error of mine, but I didn’t do anything differently than I normally do.  Oh well, here it is again, just not quite … Continue reading

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The Constitution: Toilet Paper or Treasure?

Since Orlando, there has been a lot of talk about doing away with the Second Amendment, for example: here and here.  A Facebook commenter put it this way: “And I don’t give a damn about the Second Amendment, and I … Continue reading

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One man’s “terrorist”…

…is another man’s freedom fighter, as the old saw goes.  Regardless of what one thinks of the Oregon situation or Black Lives Matter, throwing around the word “terrorism” all the time is a bad idea because it degrades the meaning … Continue reading

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How to get a student to leave a room against their will—without violence

It seems that there are those who just cannot accept the idea that what Officer Ben Fields did to the young female student in the South Carolina classroom was unjustified, even though his boss has now fired him and said … Continue reading

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We’re getting to them: SC Classroom Cop FIRED

Turns out that even Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott agrees with those of us who instinctively knew what the South Carolina classroom cop did was wrong: She continued to refuse, and at that point the video shows the deputy flipping … Continue reading

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We Are Not Put On This Earth To Obey Cops, Pt. 2

By now, most people have seen the video of a South Carolina school cop throwing around a non-violent teenage girl like a ragdoll: Very shameful behavior on the part of the cop.  Such use of force could possibly be justified … Continue reading

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Mantras of Slavery, Mantras of Freedom

Chris Hedges gets it so right in his latest piece (latest piece I’ve read, anyway) for Truthdig.  While the piece is ostensibly about the farce elections in America, Hedges can’t help but get in as many digs at the system … Continue reading

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Police State Defenders Wrong About Everything Related to Freddie Gray Case: 6 Baltimore Cops Charged

No one should be surprised that these Baltimore cops are being charged with murder, according to the New York Times: “Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged six police officers on Friday with crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal … Continue reading

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A story at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting shows why the official story offered by any government—local, state, national—must always be questioned, whether it’s 9/11 or something like this.  The headline of the FAIR story says it all: “Media Were … Continue reading

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