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American Death Squads? Terrence Crutcher and Compliance.

Another day, another police execution of an unarmed black male, this time with his hands unmistakably up, and captured on video from multiple angles. My initial take on it was to to tweet/Facebook the following: “He complied…but still died…” The … Continue reading

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Kaepernick fires off a pass to…everyone. Hopefully we’ll make the catch.

NOTE 9/12/16: This was previously posted August 29, 2016 but was inexplicably removed for some reason.  Probably some error of mine, but I didn’t do anything differently than I normally do.  Oh well, here it is again, just not quite … Continue reading

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In 23 Seconds, Alton Sterling went from Suspect to Dead Man

In this extremely disturbing video in the Alton Sterling case in Baton Rouge, we see the cops set upon Sterling at 5 seconds in.  The cop pulls his gun at 23 seconds in—after Sterling appears to be subdued and pinned … Continue reading

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One man’s “terrorist”…

…is another man’s freedom fighter, as the old saw goes.  Regardless of what one thinks of the Oregon situation or Black Lives Matter, throwing around the word “terrorism” all the time is a bad idea because it degrades the meaning … Continue reading

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Columbus Day: Makes as much sense as “Osama bin Laden Day”

…And of course, “Osama bin Laden” day makes absolutely no sense… Yes, that’s a deliberately provocative and not entirely defensible headline.  And no, I’m not trying to argue in favor of there being an “Osama bin Laden Day.” But think … Continue reading

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Confederate Flag Issue More Than Just A Distraction

Facebook is rotten with memes, status updates and listicles  (“101 Stories More Important Than The Rebel Flag That You Morons Missed While Arguing About The Rebel Flag”) that dismissively tell us that caring about taking down the Confederate flag is … Continue reading

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“Racial Wallpaper”: Take Down The Rebel Flag

As per usual, it’s hard to beat the commentary of Jon Stewart and his heartfelt take on the Charleston massacre was no exception to that rule.  Stewart absolutely nailed the toxic stew of poverty, paranoia, and white supremacy–masked with slogans … Continue reading

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Police State Defenders Wrong About Everything Related to Freddie Gray Case: 6 Baltimore Cops Charged

No one should be surprised that these Baltimore cops are being charged with murder, according to the New York Times: “Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged six police officers on Friday with crimes including murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal … Continue reading

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We Are Not Put On This Earth To Obey Cops

  As Mr. Scott’s lawyer says in this story, you don’t get to summarily execute someone for running–period.  It doesn’t matter if he punched the cop in the face and insulted the cop’s mother.  We are not put on this … Continue reading

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A story at Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting shows why the official story offered by any government—local, state, national—must always be questioned, whether it’s 9/11 or something like this.  The headline of the FAIR story says it all: “Media Were … Continue reading

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