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Socialism scare more accurately aimed at capitalism

It’s hilarious when the capitalists try to fearmonger over trying something that might actually help people. Socialism leads to “complete economic calamity?” Isn’t that what capitalism did in 2008? And 1987? And 1971? And 1929? And is about to do … Continue reading

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GE vs. Bernie part 2: On Hyperbole and Reality

Yesterday we pointed out that GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt attacked Bernie Sanders in a corporate propaganda piece masquerading as an op-ed in the Washington Post. Don’t hold your breath waiting for WaPo to allow Bernie to have the same free … Continue reading

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GE vs. Bernie: Of Strawmen and Fukushima

Remember the days when Bernie was ignored and laughed at by the mainstream press? Apparently those days are over. How so, you might ask? Well, the Washington Post favored us with an unabashed corporate propaganda piece disguised as an “op-ed” … Continue reading

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Which came first, the “socialism” or the iPhone?

The “socialism,” of course. Check out a recent, great article at US Uncut about how taxpayers funded, through the Defense Department, the National Science Foundation, and other government programs, innovations that made smartphones possible.  Indeed, the “horrors” of “socialist”-esque cooperation … Continue reading

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New Cartoon: Terror coverage as pop culture fodder

The media covers terrorism like a teenybopper gossip rag covers celebrities:

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San Bernardino: What happened to the 3 white guys? Also, a new cartoon and the “inexplicably intact passport” trope.

With the intense focus on the supposed Islamic Bonnie and Clyde team of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a lot of people seem to have forgotten that the initial reports of the San Bernardino shooting on December 2 fingered 3 … Continue reading

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Columbus Day: Makes as much sense as “Osama bin Laden Day”

…And of course, “Osama bin Laden” day makes absolutely no sense… Yes, that’s a deliberately provocative and not entirely defensible headline.  And no, I’m not trying to argue in favor of there being an “Osama bin Laden Day.” But think … Continue reading

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