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5 Ways to Fix The Economy For The Better: Richard Wolff Interview

This interview is instantly my favorite thing Lionel has ever done.  He interviews the brilliant economist Richard Wolff, and from the get-go, it’s a tour de force of common sense obliterating tired, hackneyed, jingoistic propaganda that somehow just won’t die … Continue reading

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Beat The Banks At Their Own Game: Self-Issued Currency In Action (Part Two)

(Part one, about Michael Tellinger and paying off bank “loans” with self-issued promissory notes, can be found here.) What better day to write and post a story involving Irish banks and Irish ingenuity than St. Patrick’s Day? Readers of this … Continue reading

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R. Crumb also hates banks! “2008 was the biggest robbery in history…”

I’ve been an R. Crumb fan for years, and these comments of his about the ongoing ripoff of society by the banks–from a new article in the New York Observer–only deepen my admiration for him: “…The documentary The Sorrow and … Continue reading

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Columbus Day: Makes as much sense as “Osama bin Laden Day”

…And of course, “Osama bin Laden” day makes absolutely no sense… Yes, that’s a deliberately provocative and not entirely defensible headline.  And no, I’m not trying to argue in favor of there being an “Osama bin Laden Day.” But think … Continue reading

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Confederate Flag Issue More Than Just A Distraction

Facebook is rotten with memes, status updates and listicles  (“101 Stories More Important Than The Rebel Flag That You Morons Missed While Arguing About The Rebel Flag”) that dismissively tell us that caring about taking down the Confederate flag is … Continue reading

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“Racial Wallpaper”: Take Down The Rebel Flag

As per usual, it’s hard to beat the commentary of Jon Stewart and his heartfelt take on the Charleston massacre was no exception to that rule.  Stewart absolutely nailed the toxic stew of poverty, paranoia, and white supremacy–masked with slogans … Continue reading

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Extremely eye-opening discussion with economist L. Randall Wray about, among other things, how money is ultimately valuable only as payment for taxes, which is how labor is compelled and the government controls the populace.  If you want to check it … Continue reading

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Ah, Columbus Day—the birthday, nay, the Christmas of colonialism in the Americas.  And like Christmas, almost nothing about it is factual, i.e., Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, there is no Santa Claus—in the same way, Columbus didn’t discover anything, … Continue reading

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We pulled in to the crowded gas station, and the pumps that weren’t yellow-bagged had people already pumping gas, so we pulled in behind a soccer grandmom in a white Toyota SUV to wait our turn for a pump.  Presently, … Continue reading

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But don’t take my word for it that everything is a hoax, an illusion. Read this litany from Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan, former Wall Street Journal editor, etc.: “As I write I cannot think of … Continue reading

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