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Socialism scare more accurately aimed at capitalism

It’s hilarious when the capitalists try to fearmonger over trying something that might actually help people. Socialism leads to “complete economic calamity?” Isn’t that what capitalism did in 2008? And 1987? And 1971? And 1929? And is about to do … Continue reading

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Capitalism–or “Bank-ism?”

The problem with capitalism is the same thing that is touted as its virtue. Namely, one of capitalism’s animating doctrines is that a worker can work hard and make more money as time goes on, and this is how the … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs admits: Capitalism is not the cure, it is the disease

  Whenever you get grief for criticizing capitalism, point those giving you said grief to this story, because it perfectly describes capitalism’s grave shortcomings with just the question asked in the headline: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” The story … Continue reading

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Chomsky on Financialization vs. Capitalism: “That doesn’t make me fall in love with the feudal system.”

Great article about real-world economics on the occasion of Noam Chomsky’s comments in a documentary called “The Divide.”  Noam is particularly on point in this one. Example: “INTERVIEWER: Does it give you any hope that some of the super-rich, such … Continue reading

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“Capitalism”=Oligarchy/Feudalism on Steroids

Great post at More Crows Than Eagles called “Unnecessariat”–heavy stuff, all about the effects of supposed “capitalism” which is actually an oligarchy (feudalism?) on steroids which is by, of, and for the rentier class:  “If there’s no economic plan for … Continue reading

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Which came first, the “socialism” or the iPhone?

The “socialism,” of course. Check out a recent, great article at US Uncut about how taxpayers funded, through the Defense Department, the National Science Foundation, and other government programs, innovations that made smartphones possible.  Indeed, the “horrors” of “socialist”-esque cooperation … Continue reading

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How the rich got richer and continue to do so: evading risk.

On the most recent episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy open the show with a discussion of the chart below, which shows that the top 1 percent of the world’s population owns half of the world’s wealth, and … Continue reading

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American “Capitalism”= “Pay or Die”: The system we actually have is not the system we think we have.

In a very revealing appearance on Gary Dubin’s vital radio program—“The Foreclosure Hour”—Washington attorney Scott Stafne accurately gets to the core of what is behind not only the crisis faced by homeowners trying to save their homes from foreclosure via … Continue reading

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The Blouses That Destroy Economies: The Insane Quest for Cheap Labor

So this is the end game of capitalism—the pool of cheap labor being drained by an insane quest for profit at the expense of people.  Retailers like Walmart realize that their customer base has no money to spend because America … Continue reading

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Collapse Is Unnecessary Because All Money Is Fake

So Greece has now “defaulted” on its international “obligations,” thereby becoming the first developed nation to challenge the hegemony of the international system of finance—as opposed to the actual economy—by simply not paying.  Russia Today puts it thusly: The International … Continue reading

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