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‘Booked: Minimum Wage, Chomsky, The Evils of Stock Buybacks

A collection of today’s Facebook posts from the Liberty Road Media page (give it a like/share!)… Seattle Minimum Wage Issue: UofW Study flawed Turns out the study critical of the Seattle minimum wage increase suffers from two major flaws: 1) … Continue reading

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The Blouses That Destroy Economies: The Insane Quest for Cheap Labor

So this is the end game of capitalism—the pool of cheap labor being drained by an insane quest for profit at the expense of people.  Retailers like Walmart realize that their customer base has no money to spend because America … Continue reading

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A new, periodic feature here at LRM—a cartoon or comic.  In the past I have done some cartooning under the titles “Eggs Is Tense” and “Free Country.”  I miss doing it and occasionally get ideas for cartoons and figured, why … Continue reading

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