A new, periodic feature here at LRM—a cartoon or comic.  In the past I have done some cartooning under the titles “Eggs Is Tense” and “Free Country.”  I miss doing it and occasionally get ideas for cartoons and figured, why not post them here and just go ahead and name the cartoons after the blog itself?  Especially since some of my cartoons will likely be coming from the kind of perspective that is generally espoused here, i.e., not one that is in keeping with mainstream/conventional analysis, and “getting” some of the cartoons may require a bit more background than can be effectively included in the cartoons themselves. So here’s the first one, titled “Cutthroat De-Capitalism.”  It’s obviously a nod to the now chillingly iconic ISIS beheading videos (written about here and here at LRM).  The thought was this: the banks are the real terrorists, but we keep being shown this fake ISIS claptrap, so why not show the banks to be the ISIS they really are—the “Insolvent Stealing Institutions of Stealing,” led by “Jihadi Jamie.”  And what are they doing? De-capitalizing the American public—decapitating us financially with the dull knife of the fiat, out-of-thin-air dollar.  With no small amount of debt to the “market fundamentalist,” “bankers are terrorists,” and “capitalism without capital” (see 5:24 in this video) tropes of the great Max Keiser, I present the inaugural Liberty Road comic:

LRC-Cutthroat De-Capitalism 2-23-15

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