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The #1 Reason To Suspect “False Flags” When “Radical Muslims” Commit Violence

Great article at Zero Hedge about the shooting in Orlando, and it ably and concisely breaks down the reason why so-called “conspiracy theorists” are so quick to suspect that an attack in a public place committed by “radical Muslims” is … Continue reading

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Ebola vs. Muslims—Travel bans the answer? (Of course not).

Remember way, way back in the olden days—2014—when Ebola was the fear porn du jour?  Kinda how “radicalized” Muslim-Americans are now? What was the solution that some people called for to end the scourge of Ebola?  Remember?  Ban Africans from … Continue reading

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A new, periodic feature here at LRM—a cartoon or comic.  In the past I have done some cartooning under the titles “Eggs Is Tense” and “Free Country.”  I miss doing it and occasionally get ideas for cartoons and figured, why … Continue reading

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A recent Bloomberg article notes that “ISIS” is more or less a “Taliban with oil fields”: “The Islamic State, which now controls an area of Iraq and Syria larger than the U.K., may be raising more than $2 million a … Continue reading

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Well, didn’t take long for the “beheading” video to have the desired propaganda effect, did it?  Gotta go to war, man!  Like yesterday!  ISIS is just too badass and scary, according to Chuck Hagel: “They’re beyond just a terrorist group. … Continue reading

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