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“Capitalism”=Oligarchy/Feudalism on Steroids

Great post at More Crows Than Eagles called “Unnecessariat”–heavy stuff, all about the effects of supposed “capitalism” which is actually an oligarchy (feudalism?) on steroids which is by, of, and for the rentier class:  “If there’s no economic plan for … Continue reading

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American “Capitalism”= “Pay or Die”: The system we actually have is not the system we think we have.

In a very revealing appearance on Gary Dubin’s vital radio program—“The Foreclosure Hour”—Washington attorney Scott Stafne accurately gets to the core of what is behind not only the crisis faced by homeowners trying to save their homes from foreclosure via … Continue reading

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99 Homes Review: Letting the banks off the hook? (SPOILERS)

If you have not yet seen the powerful new film 99 Homes and want to be surprised how it all turns out at the end, you might want to stop reading this now, because I am about to spoil the … Continue reading

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So the latest indicator that not only has there not been a financial/economic recovery for the average person in the U.S. but also things have gotten worse?  Over half of all public school students in the U.S. are now eligible … Continue reading

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…and the capitalism for the rest of us is going just as you’d expect, and just as planned, i.e., horribly.  From a Zero Hedge story masterfully headlined “Mission Accomplished: Stocks & Homeless Kids Hit All-Time Highs”: “Something is dreadfully wrong … Continue reading

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