In 23 Seconds, Alton Sterling went from Suspect to Dead Man

In this extremely disturbing video in the Alton Sterling case in Baton Rouge, we see the cops set upon Sterling at 5 seconds in.  The cop pulls his gun at 23 seconds in—after Sterling appears to be subdued and pinned to the ground–and we hear the first shot at 28 seconds.  So in 23 seconds, a man goes from being a suspect to being summarily executed.  What law or laws did this man break?  Where was his trial by a jury of his peers?  When did the police go from “protect and serve” to “harass and execute?”

This is unacceptable in the land of the “free.”  It is standard operating procedure, however, in a police state.  Don’t forget that the Supreme Court just ruled (in Utah v. Strieff) that the police can now, as the American Free Press puts it here, “stop a citizen for any or no reason, ‘discover’ grounds for arrest, and use any evidence ‘found’ to criminalize the individual.”  And yet the FBI admits that Hillary Clinton broke the law while refusing to take any legal action against her.

There used to be a saying that “America is a nation of laws, not of men.”  If that were ever true, it certainly isn’t now.  RIP Mr. Sterling.

Fred Hampton I Am The People copy

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