We Are Not Put On This Earth To Obey Cops, Pt. 2

By now, most people have seen the video of a South Carolina school cop throwing around a non-violent teenage girl like a ragdoll:

Very shameful behavior on the part of the cop.  Such use of force could possibly be justified if the teenage girl were armed, threatening the cop or other students, acting extremely violently, strung out on drugs and a danger to herself or the other students and/or the teacher, etc.  None of that seems to be the case.  Not from what can be seen in the video, anyway.

The cops, however, do justify this use of force for the following reason: she didn’t comply.  She didn’t get out of the desk when the cop told her to.  Therefore, non-compliance is the excuse for the violence that ensues.  That is the purpose of the police state—to coerce compliance with whatever you are told to do.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s legal, lawful, justified, or not—you are not allowed to not comply.  That’s the message, spelled out very clearly by former NYPD cop Harry Houck in a CNN discussion about the South Carolina school incident:

It’s as a result of a failure to comply. If that girl got out of the car — got out of the seat when she was told, there would be no problem,” Houck insisted. “But apparently she had no respect for the school, no respect for her teacher, probably has no respect at home or on the street, and that’s why she acted the way she did.”

That’s when you know you’re in a police state—when you, as a citizen, have no choice but to comply or die.  Comply or be violently manhandled.  Compliance is above every other consideration.  That’s not freedom.  Not even close.

We are not put on this earth to obey cops.  They work for us—at least, we pay their salaries, so they’re supposed to work for us.  But clearly they are working for someone who doesn’t have protecting our freedom as the first consideration—no, whoever they are working for has our compliance as the first and only consideration.

This must end.  Should’ve never started.

Fred Hampton I Am The People copy

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