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The Constitution: Toilet Paper or Treasure?

Since Orlando, there has been a lot of talk about doing away with the Second Amendment, for example: here and here.  A Facebook commenter put it this way: “And I don’t give a damn about the Second Amendment, and I … Continue reading

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“Why Have Any Laws?” Good question with a surprising answer.

That’s actually a good question from Mr. Mandvi in the above meme: “Why have any law?”  Of course, he’s talking about gun laws. But it’s far more important to ask that question about matters other than gun regulations.  What about … Continue reading

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So I wrote a new song inspired by current events.  My wife says it sounds like The Monkees–OK, I can live with that.  I was going for a Clash-meets-Archies type sound (check the tambourine and oohs and ahs), for what … Continue reading

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Shot in Oceanside–nice footage of the area. Too bad the people sign the petition even while being told they’re supporting “the Orwellian police state!”

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