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Absurdity Today: Speeding, Birthers, Scalia, and the Libertarian ideal

Welcome to the first edition of Absurdity Today here at Liberty Road Media.  It may also be the last edition (depending on whether or not I get around to writing another one), which would be fittingly…absurd. Speeding It begins with … Continue reading

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Keep The NSA out of your phone: Faraday pouches for phones that block hackers and the government.

Edward Snowden recently revealed more info about NSA spying on people via their wireless phones.  This info was already out there, but when Snowden says it, people pay more attention (, 10-5-15, “Edward Snowden interview: ‘Smartphones can be taken over’”) … Continue reading

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Banks Nabbed for Robbing You and Me: Conspiracy “Theory” Proven To Be Conspiracy Fact

Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice just have their tinfoil hats on a little too tight, I guess.  Or could it be that yes, there really was a conspiracy?  The Attorney General used that word multiple times in her … Continue reading

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This is not really new, but it was in the news at the beginning of the week: “Iraq’s violent conflict has left as many as one million widows over the past few years, the country’s Minister of Women’s Affairs Bayan … Continue reading

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A headline to an article at Prison Planet says it very well: “Global NSA Surveillance Did Nothing to Prevent Paris Shooting.” Exactly. We are told by our overlords that, for our own safety, we must all be watched and monitored … Continue reading

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So I wrote a new song inspired by current events.  My wife says it sounds like The Monkees–OK, I can live with that.  I was going for a Clash-meets-Archies type sound (check the tambourine and oohs and ahs), for what … Continue reading

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Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you… From the “So Absurd It Has To Be Real Department” comes the Drone Survival Guide.  I’m gonna keep mine on my phone because when you see one of these, it … Continue reading

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