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Absurdity Today: Speeding, Birthers, Scalia, and the Libertarian ideal

Welcome to the first edition of Absurdity Today here at Liberty Road Media.  It may also be the last edition (depending on whether or not I get around to writing another one), which would be fittingly…absurd. Speeding It begins with … Continue reading

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For now, anyway… The people have spoken, expressed their displeasure, and the government backed off.  Whaddya know?  Stand up to them and they fold like a cheap suit.  Like the Bundy Ranch.  There’s a lesson here–don’t take any BS lying … Continue reading

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(interview with Rob Garza begins at 5:20) As some readers know, I live in the small Southern California burg of Murrieta, which has been making national news lately.  In case you haven’t heard, a number of the immigrants that have … Continue reading

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