Obama Tyrant protestor

For now, anyway…

The people have spoken, expressed their displeasure, and the government backed off.  Whaddya know?  Stand up to them and they fold like a cheap suit.  Like the Bundy Ranch.  There’s a lesson here–don’t take any BS lying down.  We are on the march, the empire’s on the run!  From Murrieta Patch:

“At least for the time being, protesters outside the Murrieta Border Patrol station can claim another victory, as Patch has learned that plans for migrant transfers to be processed at the facility have been canceled. 

Though it’s not clear for how long the reprieve will last, flights will not be coming into San Diego, nor buses to Murrieta. 

Murrieta police say were told Wednesday by U.S. Border Patrol officials that there are no flights carrying migrants from Texas to San Diego Thursday– and none scheduled for the rest of the week — so there will be no buses transporting migrants to the Murrieta Border Patrol station.  And a spokesman for the union representing local Border Patrol agents tells Patch the same.”

Could this be a head fake?  Maybe.  Maybe the plan is to bring in the immigrants in unnoticeable, unprotest-able smaller loads–innocuous carfuls, perhaps.  But probably not–the situation was getting way more attention than the government wanted.  Stay tuned, though–the government’s hand can sometimes be quicker than our eyes…

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  1. A customer of mine works for social services and tells me this city and several cities around here where the population is has a lot of low income people do not need Wick sites so they are being closed. The wick site left open is necessary and is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Seattle area, Bellevue. That is to far away for people whom have no transportation or money for gas to get to. Then she tells me the government is cutting off immunization shots to children. Hopefully they will have another method of getting them. Women and children being allowed over the border without immunization shots and the need for wick and social services the government is cutting off on the people here makes no logical common good sense. So what is going on?

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