Judge under criminal investigation for quid pro quo sexual favors

Editor’s Comment: This story represents the frightening convergence of two unfortunate trends currently underway in the U.S.: 1) the theft—via documented, admittedly fraudulent foreclosure–of private property by the bailed-out banks, and 2) the attempts to place more restrictions on citizens’ right to own guns, which have historically been used as a last resort to protect citizens’ personal property. Karen M. Rozier, the subject of the following story, has been battling GMAC, Bank of America, and US Bank for a number of years. She is a pro se litigant—i.e., representing herself in court—and has been able to stay in her California home throughout her fight with these various banks. However, there is another foreclosure auction of her home scheduled for April 25, 2013, and this time Rozier may be successfully evicted.

As discussed in the story below, the law firm representing US Bank sought a restraining order for so-called “workplace violence” against Rozier in February 2013, and that order was granted last week, just in time for the foreclosure auction and subsequent eviction. Rozier must relinquish her guns under the restraining order.

A number of troubling things leap out at me about this situation. First of all, the main purpose of the restraining order is clearly to disarm Rozier as opposed to protecting the bank attorneys from Rozier, because (according to Rozier) the order does not require her to maintain a certain distance from the US Bank attorneys or prevent her from communicating with them, or any other similar types of things that are typically found in restraining orders. Secondly, as mentioned above, it is rather fortuitous timing for the foreclosing entity that Rozier was disarmed exactly two weeks before her home is to be sold at a foreclosure auction, after which, if standard procedure is followed, eventually Rozier and her family will be evicted. This is not at all to suggest that Rozier or anyone in her family would or should resist eviction with violence using firearms or anything else.

Rather, this suggests that the banks in general realize that lawsuits like Rozier’s represent an existential threat to their economic hegemony, which could be greatly diminished or completely destroyed if the banks were to lose even one significant foreclosure fraud case like Rozier’s. And the banks certainly realize that if homeowners continue to lose their foreclosure fraud lawsuits despite the overwhelming evidence in favor of said homeowners, the banks and/or their agents may ultimately face actual physical violence, as depicted in the upcoming movie “Assault on Wall Street.” In other words, the banks are scared, not just of Rozier in particular, but of homeowner lawsuits in general. And they should be, because as a successful pro se litigant, Rozier is threatening to the banks, not because of the obviously ridiculous idea that she or her family will resort to physical violence, but because her success is an example to others that if they will just stand up to the banks on their own, without having to hire expensive attorneys, they can and will stay in their homes for years and may even defeat the banks.

Lastly, Rozier is essentially now a sitting duck. She says she has reached out to a number of government agencies for help, including the FBI and the district attorney’s office, but so far help has not been forthcoming. With the bank breathing down her neck, where is she to turn? The courts won’t help her. The police won’t help her. The “system” is making an example of Karen Rozier, so that the message will go out far and wide—challenge us, and not only will we take your house, we’ll take any and every means of defense you have, even if you never intend to use it. And that’s the endgame—fraudulent confiscation of property from disarmed, disfranchised citizens. Which of us will be the next Karen Rozier? All of us will be if we don’t come to the aid of Rozier and others like her.


Judge under criminal investigation for quid pro quo sexual favors

By Clinton Kirby (Monday, April 15, 2013)

On April 10, a judge granted a 3-year restraining order—under which she is required to turn in her guns–against Karen Rozier, a California woman fighting to save her home from foreclosure by US Bank.

Severson & Werson, the law firm representing US Bank, sought the order against Rozier under the incredible accusation that Rozier had threatened the firm’s lawyers with “workplace violence.” Bizarrely however, the judge’s order does not require Rozier to keep her distance from the Severson and Werson attorneys, it only requires that she give up her guns and “not be mean to them,” Rozier said in a phone interview. “I can go walk right up to their lawyers and say nice things to them, but nothing ‘mean.’ There is no ‘stay away’ order. I can visit their offices. I can find out where they live and go visit their houses. I just can’t follow them from work to their home. And I can’t own a gun or ammunition in my own house,” said Rozier.

The judge granting the restraining order was Scott Steiner of the Orange County Superior Court, who Rozier says wouldn’t reveal his name to her throughout the course of the proceedings last week. Rozier said she only found out the judge’s name when it appeared in the ruling which granted the restraining order. Incredibly, Steiner has been under criminal investigation since early March of this year for allegedly getting a woman a job at the Orange County District Attorney’s office in exchange for sex.

Meanwhile, the foreclosure auction for Rozier’s Buena Park property is still scheduled for April 25 (despite the fact that a preliminary injunction has been granted against Bank of America by one judge and another judge issued a temporary restraining order against all banks). Now that Rozier has been disarmed by the state, she said she fears for her safety on April 26, when she knows she will be served with notice that her property has been sold: “I’m suspecting that they (US Bank) plan to have me killed,” Rozier said. Rozier’s fears are not entirely unfounded, as she said that she has been served with notices and other legal papers before by the sheriff, backed up with the SWAT team of the Buena Park Police Department, who had guns drawn.

Rozier says Severson & Werson’s attorneys said they “fear for their lives,” but Rozier points out that she is a “peace advocate,” and in the past has participated in a peace walk with Thich Nhat Hanh, the noted Vietnamese peace activist, Buddhist monk, and author. Also, she is a Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School and has been a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy in the area of future naval capabilities, including electronic warfare, knowledge superiority, and missile defense. In her job with the Navy, she was entitled to mid-level security clearance. Further, Rozier said she is a First Class Girl Scout, her son is an Inclusive Scout, and her husband David (who also was required by Steiner to turn in his guns) is an Eagle Scout and Air Force veteran with no criminal record.

Despite all this, Rozier said Judge Steiner “still ruled against us to take my guns, put us in the system, and brand us as bad people.” Rozier plans to appeal Steiner’s ruling (the case number is 30-2013-00630629-CU-HR-NJC).


Sign the petitition to keep the Roziers in their home:




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  2. TheHutMaster says:

    Tell this criminal judge to pound sand. These criminal foreclosure mills deserve any abuse we can hand out. They are criminals and We the People have a DUTY to arrest these dirtbags. As far as the silly criminal Judge, that dirtbag has no authorty to demand the surrender of this homeowners guns. I reconnemd this homeowner sue this dirtbag judge, and his bond, for civil rights violations.

  3. george says:

    2nd Amendment says the right shall not be infringed; Art. VI para 2 says constitution is supreme law of the land and any state constitution and law of any state to the contrary shall not stand; the judges in every state shall obey.” Now this is your appeal issue.


  5. Pam Ragland says:

    I was present in the courtroom, since my advice to request their original loan file to look for forgeries prompted this latest action. (By the way–TONS of forgeries making this foreclosure ILLEGAL!) I heard the evidence & it was rediculous. The best thing everyone can do is IMMEDIATELY REQUEST YOUR OWN LOAN FILE. See http://www.RaglandVUSBank.com for details, or google “Ragland V US Bank”. “US Bank” and other banks CANNOT STOP EVERYONE if we all do this!!

    Oh, and mysteriously all my money got frozen with an order dated the day I appeared in court to testify for Karen. Bogus tax lien for a return submitted in person when I lost my own home. I won my appeal vs. US Bank (“Ragland V US Bank) on 9/11/12 … Now I realize this also happened right after that, too. People should be very concerned these banks have all these connections. It’s all just WRONG.

    • tigers' den says:

      Pam – we need to do a cross the country connect – one person with each state for each entity – servicers, etc., all of them – I’m setting up an operation called Tigers’ Den (Tigers Den.org) website not set up yet – I just did it today – but we need a person from each state for each entity – not just the big five but all of them – servicers, etc., (CoreLogic, First American) – we need to do our own paperwork – we’re on our own – protecting our dens – our nests – no attorneys – no agencies – none are going to help us – blogging doesn’t cut it – we need to do the paperwork but we need to join en masse – on paper – and do the same paper damage to them as they’ve been doing to us – we need to unite on paper – each state represented in one document on behalf of all within each state against each financial entity – no schemes or games from law firms trying to make a buck – just individual homeowners – and we file against the US – force ‘it’ to take emergent action NOW not a few years from now or after he’s left office but now . . . we need an immediate freeze – a moratorium on all actions everywhere like they did in 1933 – if we put our heads together and our hundreds of years of basic common sense and sense of patriotism and duty to protect our ‘cubs’ and the souls in our care; then we will find the answers –

  6. John Haible says:

    Tiger’s Den, you are so right. We just watched tears shed in Boston over the events here in the past week and Gov. Deval Patrick said ‘Massachusetts was a state based on CERTAIN CIVIC principles” and he said, “Massachusetts invented America”. He is in some ways so right and while it is true that amazing things are happening here in Mass (Ibanez, Bevilaqua, Eaton, etc,) re: fraud, abuse, and there is the subsequent knowledge and citizens’ education of how the foreclosure machine truly operates in contravention of UCC, USC statutes, but it is slow as the banks are like spoiled children, think Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, who have had it al handed to them on a silver plattern the bailout monies.

    Courts need to be flooded; complaints on Federal statutes that are violated left and right. MAss may have invented America but she has A LOT of work to do.
    It is time to press Law Enforcement to get involved in the Federal Statutes that are violated in almost every securitized mortgage. Bill boards, law suits, you name it.
    Keep the faith…

  7. Rene says:

    Karen is winning this battle as she is proving the fraud and has had her sale CANCELLED! The crooks will go down in fire as they will have to show DISCOVERY if they want to get anyone to believe they have any legal right and THEY WON’T BECAUSE THEY DON’T! These crooks, judges included MUST be held accountable!! GOOD JOB KAREN ROZIER!! Well done!! you are a true fighter! When they say it isn’t rocket science, well we know the truth is it too a ROCKET SCIENTIST to prove her standing!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND WE PRAY FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUCCESS!! you are truly amazing!!



  10. elexquisitor says:

    My appellate judges had to lie to misconstrue the material facts to fit their pre-conceived non-judicial model opinion. Then they came up with an ‘issue’ to help the banks regarding agency that even the banks refused to admit because it illuminated their bid-rigging ploy. This is a link to opinion –

    and my petition for rehearing (pending) –

    The responsible justices were J. Pollak; P J McGuiness; and J Siggins. If you are a CA citizen and think the opinion represents ethics violations bordering on aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise, then you can voice your concern using the information found here: http://cjp.ca.gov/file_a_complaint.htm.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, you have to present your case based on existing appellate decisions with the view that you will have to appeal your trial court results. I’m surprised that Rozien allowed herself to be compromised as a potential threat to do bodily injury, triggering the TRO decision. It’s much tougher to file when you’re incarcerated.
    Don’t get mad.
    Get even.

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