Thinking about Barbara Bratton’s situation some more, and this occurred to me: she may have finally found a way to make U.S. Bank put up or shut up.

Don’t throw me in that briar patch!

Bratton may well be pulling a Br’er Rabbit on U.S. Bank.  She may have calculated that, by filing her “Correction of Grant Deed” and her Warranty Deed, she would be arrested and charged with crimes.  However, it is now up to the prosecutor to prove that Bratton’s documents were in fact false or forged.  And here’s the beautiful part: the only way to do that is for U.S. Bank to cough up its evidence that it, and not Bratton, is the rightful owner of the Ontario house where Bratton lived.  This would be the same evidence Bratton was denied when Judge Dale S. Fischer ended Bratton’s suit against U.S. Bank on U.S. Bank’s motion to dismiss, prior to the discovery period.

Another benefit of this strategy is that Bratton, who fought U.S. Bank and its co-defendants as a pro se litigant, could be possibly be granted a court-appointed attorney.  And we all know what happened to Br’er Rabbit when he got thrown in the briar patch–he got out of a jam!

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