Please share this info!  More on the Karen Rozier (who you may remember from this feature: “Judge Orders Guns Taken From Woman Fighting Foreclosure”) story in a press release today:


Phone number for Judge Korn’s office: (213) 974-6015
Media Contacts: Pam Ragland, email Karen Rozier,;
LA City Attorney Threatens Foreclosure Family “The Roziers” with Sentencing in Court Today Judge Refuses to Admit Credentials and Witnesses LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Dec. 18, 2013 – Out of nowhere yesterday in a downtown LA court scene reminiscent of a Hollywood crime blockbuster, Harvard University alumni Karen Rozier and her unlicensed architect husband and Eagle Scout David Rozier now find themselves wrongfully convicted of a crime. The Roziers – an Orange County, Calif., couple “famous” for fighting GMAC Mortgage, LLC, US Bank and Bank of America over wrongful foreclosures — have been battling LA’s city court in a years-long case against a former client. Yesterday in court as Karen Rozier made transparent the connection between the court-appointed counsel and Bank of America (his son works for Bank of America in the Corporate finance Department at the building a few blocks from where the Roziers were convicted), the embattled couple’s stellar resumes were questioned and LA city attorney Keith de la Rosa who even accused the Rozier’s of being “ghetto.” Today as this American super couple goes back into court today at 9:00 A.M. in Dept 45 on the seventh floor of the city’s 210 W. Temple Ave. court, the Roziers say: “We are being convicted for claiming to be talented and educated!”
This aforementioned civil case became criminal yesterday as the judge refused to admit the couple’s well-documented backgrounds into the case thereby backing up the prosecution’s case the couple somehow ripped off this former client, which the Roziers patently claim is false.
“The alternate public defender attempted to introduce my credentials,” says Karen Rozier. “The city prosecutor objected and the judge sustained the objection,” she says. Mrs. Rozier says this means the judge refused to let into evidence her three college degrees including earning a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering and a master’s of science in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University. Indeed with Karen Rozier’s stellar education as well as her 5 years with the Naval Air Systems Command in Defense Electronics Countermeasures and her two years at the Naval Sea Systems Command where she led the performance assessment branch for “Future Capabilities in Electronic Warfare, Knowledge Superiority and Missile Defense”, she could most certainly be called a “rocket scientist,” no? The Naval Air Systems Command seemed to think so. They invited her back to assume the position of Chief Engineer, Air-to-Ground Missiles. She lost that career-defining and well deserved position due to the City Prosecutor’s baseless allegations that she was not a Harvard graduate and never held a security clearance.
As for David Rozier – who built the couple’s 4,206 sq. ft. Buena Park home (was this the foreclosed home – All as pro se: GMAC issued NOD in March 08. I sued on Oct 28, 2008. They rescinded NOD around Dec 27, 2009. US got relief from stay to sell, but I took them to appeals court (BAP) and lost. 9th has agreed to hear my appeal. BofA foreclosed on Sept 24. I sued on Sept 27. They reversed on 10/4.) — the City Attorney slandered his abilities based on one unhappy client, a client who was caught contradicting the evidence no less than five times on the stand. De la Rosa claimed the Roziers “had no realistic ability to provide the services they promised”. However, the Roziers presented a letter from a licensed California architect who attests she met David Rozier in his first year of architectural school and he was “head and shoulders above most of us.” So, why won’t judge Renee Korn allow into evidence this proof that Karen Rozier really IS who she says she is? Why can’t neighbors testify about David Rozier building their fine home all by himself or read testimonials from satisfied clients? What if the judge allowed the highly educated and extremely capable Karen Rozier to testify on her own behalf thereby disallowing anything to disprove the prosecution’s “theory” this So Cal couple is credible? Could two of the country’s biggest banks be trying to stop her in a sinister plot?
The Roziers are hopeful that the judge will be merciful and lenient and not incarcerate either of them, based on the circumstances and totality of the evidence. They have gathered letters of support and need your help convincing Judge Renee Korn to take a hard look at the evidence.
These letters include a multiple property owner and former client hired Rozier to do a job, paid him a generous bonus and she ended up saving money. Another letter is by the Roziers from their next door neighbor who witnessed Rozier build the home alone and listed all the trades he personally watched this master builder perform. The neighbor has also agreed to testify at trial if subpoenaed.

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