It’s tax season!  “Working for no one but me,” indeed…

In the spirit of the season, Naked Capitalism has an interesting post today, titled “Whistleblower Reveals Favoritism Toward the Rich, Robo-Signing at the IRS.” Here’s an interesting excerpt regarding the whistleblower’s claim that the IRS is engaged in “favoritism toward well-connected tax filers and even document fraud”:

“This is no different than robo-signing. The documents initialed by “Wanda” presumably get submitted as evidence in tax court cases. I don’t know whether or not Wanda in any way legally attests that the underlying information in the legal documents is correct, but if errors routinely get found after the fact, some documents in all likelihood deliver false information to the court. No wonder nobody in Washington cared that much about robo-signing, I hadn’t entertained the possibility that it was official government policy.”

Sigh…the whistleblower confirms that the rich and big corporations get treated with kid gloves while the working stiffs that make $50K/year get hell’s fury unleashed upon them:

“Johnston points out later in the piece that Kim’s allegations line up with his long history of covering the IRS:

Many of Kim’s complaints are consistent with allegations that other IRS employees in New York and Long Island have shared with me over the last 15 years. In addition to favoritism, I have listened at length to complaints about pressure to go soft on, or quickly close, cases involving large corporations and some wealthy individuals […]

Seasoned investigators known for their skill at ferreting out subtle misconduct should be assigned to investigate the cases cited by Kim where the IRS missed deadlines, dropped the ball, or otherwise didn’t act in a timely fashion. To have credibility, those managing such an inquiry must issue clear orders that the chips will fall where they may given the deplorable favoritism shown by IRS managers in the San Francisco collections cases and the Chevron Indonesia oil cases detailed in my 2003 book, Perfectly Legal.

You can read about the San Francisco collections case in Perfectly Legal at Google Books. Basically, Peter Coons, a career IRS agent, was made chief tax collector for Northern California in 1995, started going after tax cheats from prominent Bay Area families, and was eventually railroaded out of the job. When he tried to seek whistleblower status over the favoritism he saw toward rich taxpayers, he was denied.”

Isn’t it wonderful how we pay our taxes so that our rights can be protected and the law upheld?  Yes, it is wonderful, as we go back to this wonderfully wonderful story–“A Loan Fraud War That’s Short On Combat“:

“Most of all, the report is depressing because it indicates that the Justice Department, our nation’s top law enforcement agency, is simply unequipped — or unwilling — to combat complex financial frauds.”

Yes, friends, this is why we pay taxes.  So the top “law enforcement” agency in the country can…um…”enforce” the law.  Against you and me, they enforce the shit out of the law.  Against the big boys, not so much.  So, you know, pay up!

Foreclose The Shit Meme

And rest assured knowing that not one penny of your money is going to anything other than interest owed on the fake money they’re enslaving us all with, as found by the Grace Commission and detailed in their 1984 (hey now!) report:

“With two thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal debt and by federal government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services [that] taxpayers expect from their government.”

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