Stock market: rigged.  Money: out of thin air.  Wall Street bonuses: more than all federal minimum wage employees combined.  The pattern recognition skills of the public have GOT to be kicking in by now, yes?


From Zero Hedge (discussing high-frequency trading with “Flash Boys” author Michael Lewis):

Lewis explains the game, exposes the rigging, and slams the mainstream media’s “defense” of this…

LEWIS:  So of course the tourists get fleeced all the time in the poker games, because they don’t know the deck is rigged.  The poker players pay the casino a cut of what they make.  The casinos, operators, pay the tour group – the tour group company money to bring in the tourists.


So in this case, casino’s the exchange, the poker players are the high-frequency traders, and the tour group operators are the banks and the brokers that handle the stock market orders.  And I think the analogy is pretty close.  So is that rigged?  Is that a rigged game?  I think it is a rigged game. 


SCHATZKER:  Well, it’s rigged only inasmuch as…


LEWIS:  Why are you so invested in the idea this is fair?  Why are you even arguing about this?  It’s so clear.




LEWIS:  Yes, you seem to be. I mean, it’s very interesting.  But you seem to be – you can see, it’s very clear that people are being front run in the market.  There’s plenty of evidence in the book.


SCHATZKER:  Their orders are being anticipated…


LEWIS:  Anticipated and run in front of, that’s right.

Watch the video of this exchange, for sure…

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