At least that’s how I read the statement from Scotland Yard, reported here in the Daily Mail:

“‘We would like to remind the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.‘”

In other words, just take our word for it that these horrible terrorists committed an unspeakable atrocity–i.e., cut off Foley’s head–so now we have to go commit more unspeakable atrocities, i.e., bomb more women and children.  We have to retaliate for their retaliation.  Because freedom.  And um, peace is, ah, not that profitable.

Well, I’m in America and I did watch it.  And I know why Scotland Yard doesn’t want people watching it.  Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson–a British citizen who put together the video analysis of the Foley situation that is linked below–has the same reaction to it that I did:

1) When the ISIS guy starts sawing at Foley’s neck, there’s not a drop of blood visible, and every guy knows that even if you just cut yourself shaving on your neck, blood appears immediately.

2) The video fades out only seconds after the bloodless sawing begins–if ISIS is trying to shock the conscience of the world, why not show the whole gruesome affair?

3) When the video fades back in, we see a still shot of headless body lying chest down with a head resting on the back of the headless body.  Easiest Photoshop assignment there is–any giveaway edits can just be covered in Photoshopped blood.

And Paul Joseph Watson brings up other points:  why was Foley so calm when reading the statement?  Why did he not struggle at all when the sawing began?  He also brings up something I hadn’t heard about–apparently a young man recently did a fake beheading video and everyone, including the authorities, were convinced it was real.  And this fellow did this without the black budget of the CIA, one would presume.

From Prison Planet:

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