Script Clip Art FixedA couple of extremely salient points in this article.  First, Garfield notices some apparent scripting among judges in different Florida counties.  And unfortunately, it’s not because they’re quoting the Constitution of the relevant law.  Here’s how Garfield describes what’s happening:

Going into any courtroom anywhere in the state and you hear the same phrases used by the sitting Judge. It is as though they were all getting scripts from the same source. In fact any experienced lawyer would tell you that where the wording is the same amongst a number of different people on the same subject, that alone is evidence of a common source, whether disclosed or not.”

So apparently it isn’t just the exact same concepts being bandied about by the judges—i.e., homeowners must lose their homes despite any and all evidence as to why they shouldn’t—but also the exact same language is being employed by judges across the state as they discuss these concepts.

Unfortunately, Garfield doesn’t cite any examples of this phenomenon, but it’s the kind of thing that I don’t have a hard time believing anymore.  And you shouldn’t have a hard time believing it anymore, either.  Why?  Everything is rigged.  From LIBOR to ISDAfix to well, basically every market.  By way of example of just how rigged everything is in favor of the banks: just this week a well-known Florida attorney mentioned on Facebook that in a foreclosure trial, the bank admitted the promissory note in the case had been forged, but the judge ruled in favor of the bank anyway.

How does that happen if the judges are truly following the law and not a script that says all homeowners must lose against the banks?  Simply put, it doesn’t.

The second great point Garfield makes about this phenomenon:

“…Judges are under pressure to clear the cases off the calendar and because they have been told the way to do that is to enter rulings and judgments against borrowers.

Judges could just as easily have been told to require that the foreclosing party have everything lined up before they set foot in court.”

In other words, the judges could have simply followed the law and the rules of civil procedure instead of ruling against homeowners as a way of unclogging the courts (which in my view is the most charitable explanation of why the knee-jerk rulings against homeowners happens).  But that’s not how the elites get to steal everything that isn’t nailed down—and also the stuff that is nailed down.  After all, the new feudalism can’t go into full swing if the laws are applied in an even-handed and fair manner.  And by obscuring who owns what—or by making sure the banks own everything, as is apparently the purpose of the “script” Garfield is talking about, we will end up as serfs, as pointed out here:

They let us have our little “Constitution” and our “property rights” and the rest of it.  Or so we thought.  While we weren’t looking, though, they enslaved us in that “freedom.”  There aren’t any debtor’s prisons in America anymore?  Think again–the entire country is a debtor’s prison.

And so the question of “who owns what” is now being decided–in favor of the banks.  They’re going to own it all–through fraud like MERS and horrible court decisions–and we’re going to be the serfs.  Hell, we already are the serfs.  And “who owns what?”  The lords own everything.  The velvet glove is coming off the iron fist.

It’s feudalism.  Everything old is new again.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  And the “government?”  The banks are the government.

So, are the judges dupes or following a script?  I have pursued similar questions before here at LRM, take a read if you’re so inclined:



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