What the hell is up with these bankers now?  We know they’ve been killing the economy for years, then they started actually killing themselves (supposed suicides) earlier this year, and now we have an employee of Bank of America charged with killing two women:

HONG KONG—A 29-year-old British banker appeared in court on Monday to face murder charges after police said they found two women dead in his apartment, with one body hidden in a suitcase.

Police said Rurik Jutting called them to his apartment early Saturday in an upscale building in the city’s Wan Chai district, an area popular with tourists and known for its night life. Until recently, he had been a Hong Kong-based employee of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said a person familiar with the matter.

A Bank of America employee, eh?  Not that surprising that a “corporate person” that arguably behaves like an economic psychopath would hire a natural person with apparently psychopathic tendencies.  In case throwing around the word “psychopath” in relation to a company like Bank of America sounds like hyperbole to you, consider some of the characteristics of psychopaths listed in this article:

-Tendency to participate in schemes and take calculated risks to minimize evidence or exposure.

Tendency for premeditated crimes with controllable risks, criminal opportunism, fraud, calculated or opportunistic violence.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to apply those characteristics to certain actions that may or may not have been committed by Bank of America—but not only by Bank of America, to be sure.


And by the way, if beheading is now considered the barbaric hallmark of terrorists, consider that Jutting—the now-former-but-probably-not-former-when-he-did-it employee of Bank of America nearly decapitated one of his victims:

A police source quoted by the South China Morning Post said: ‘She was nearly decapitated and her hands and legs were bound with ropes. ‘She was naked and wrapped in a towel before being stuffed into the suitcase. Her passport was found at the scene.’

WTF is that about?  What’s with the off-with-their-heads craze of late?  First ISIS, then two in Oklahoma (although the second didn’t quite go all the way, like Jutting’s attempt), and now this?

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  1. So horrific for these women and their families. Just awful.

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