The obligatory Kardashian post….

Interesting that right as a debate rages over whether or not the Internet should be controlled like a private plaything of the handful of major telecommunication companies, a giant derriere obscures everything.  Who knew her ass was actually a black hole, a vortex into which everything meaningful is sucked, with almost no chance of escaping?

But the asses that will actually break the Internet?  Those giant telecoms, of course:

Good neutral summary of net neutrality issues here:

“Protect your right to access what you want and how you want it on the Internet

The Internet has become so much a part of the lives of most Americans that it is easy to imagine that it will always remain the free and open medium it is now. We’d like to believe it will remain a place where you can always access any lawful content you want, and where the folks delivering that content can’t play favorites because they disagree with the message being delivered or want to charge more money for faster delivery.

But there are no such guarantees.

If the government doesn’t act soon, this open internet — and the “network neutrality” principles that sustain it — could be a thing of the past. Profits and corporate disfavor of controversial viewpoints or competing services could change both what you can see on the Internet and the quality of your connection. And the need to monitor what you do online in order to play favorites means even more consumer privacy invasions piled on top of the NSA’s prying eyes.

Don’t let it happen. Read on to learn more about how you can help protect your free and open internet.”


Where is the ass that will save the Internet as we know it?  That’s an ass I’d actually like to see…

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