FREE MONEY SCAMS: Fractional Reserve Banking

It’s time to end fractional reserve banking and admit that money is fictional. It’s time to cut off the free money supply to the banks and redirect it to we the people.


In the video below, Godfrey Bloom of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) explains the problem with the world economy.  For those who may not wish (or don’t have the time) to watch the video, here’s the essence of what Bloom says: the problem with the world economy is that through “fractional reserve banking,” banks are allowed to “lend” “money” they do not actually have.  He also points out that “quantitative easing” is in fact, counterfeiting.

In other words, banks are allowed to create and receive FREE MONEY, and that is a SCAM on you and I, hence the name of this post.  As I explained in a previous post:

“Simply put, the problem with the U.S. economy is free money. No, money is not free to you and me, it’s free to those who ‘loan’ ‘money,’ like banks and credit card companies.  Indeed, it took me a…

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