Today Neil Garfield gets into the fact that the courts are rigged. Yeah, I know–no shit, Sherlock. He has this to say:

“Citizens who find themselves in the court system are fast losing faith that it is a rubber stamping system if they are accused of anything, and an obstacle to justice if they are seeking compensation for damages sustained as a result of breach of duty or obligation.


The very people who should be an army of revolt in the Courts are so intimidated by their opposition and what they see happening in the courts that they give up their largest investment, their lifestyle, their neighborhood because they are demoralized by a rigged legal system.”

Indeed. No question about it.

Why is everything rigged?

But for whatever reason, this article made me ask why everything is rigged. I mean, on the surface we know why: for political control, for financial gain, for raw power, etc. Yes, of course.

But here’s the angle I hadn’t really thought much about before–just follow with me for a moment. It’s the rich and powerful, by and large, who are participating in this rigging, right? After all, they’re the only ones who can really rig the game to begin with.

And we are told, over and over, that these rich and powerful types get to be rich and powerful because they are, in a word, better than us. Or smarter. Or just more talented. That kind of thing. Here’s the rub, though–if they really are better, or smarter, or more talented, why do they feel the need to rig the game? Wouldn’t they become rich and powerful anyway, merely by dint of their being better, smarter, and more talented?

Oh, that’s why

Well, apparently not, otherwise there’d be no need to rig everything. Indeed, if the banks could really prove they owned your house, they wouldn’t have to manufacture documents, as they admittedly have. If people really wanted gas-guzzling cars, there would have been no need to take the electric car off the market. If the pathetic candidates that constantly get “elected” could do so without massive election fraud, there’d be no need for black box voting. There’d be no need to rig prices and manipulate markets. And so on.

So in a very real way, the fact that everything has to be rigged in the favor of a few insatiable, greedy monopolists is a testimony to the power that we all have–because we are infinite consciousness as David Icke talks about in this video:

The fact is they’re not better. They’re not smarter. They’re not more talented. And they know it! The only thing they’re better at is rigging things, which when you think about it, really isn’t a skill. Hell, if we’re running a race and I trip you and I end up winning, my victory is not due to the fact that I was faster than you. I won because I tripped you and you had to take extra time out of the race to recover from your fall, not because I was a better or faster runner.

But they are smart enough to know that if they don’t rig everything in their favor, they won’t have power or wealth. They’ll be nothing. And so in fact, in the final equation, they are nothing. And it is up to us–the ones they’re so scared of–to finally and always treat them that way.

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  1. patrick farrell says:

    What you are missing is this: the USA is bankrupt since 1933, then the FED stepped in a gave us a loan, and the collateral to pay back the FED is your life and labor,and if you don’t like it,too fucking bad, the law; TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT, says that,whether you like it or not, if you are a US citizen [slave] you must pay to the rich FED and the Queen of England,your equity.ALL LAWYERS AND JUDGES ARE MEMBERS OF THE B.A.R.=British Arbitration Regency=they argue for the benefit of the rich,at your expense. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO TAKE BACK THE INITIAL DOCUMENT THAT ENJOINS YOU TO THIS FUCKED UP GOVT. AND THAT IS YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE,IT IS THE BASIS OF IT ALL,AND THE CAUSE FOR THE “SOVEREIGN AMERICAN” MOVEMENT. IN OTHER WORDS YOU PUT YOURSELF IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE,INSTEAD OF FUCKING LAWYERS.

  2. JohnRJohnR says:

    It’s not being better to steal! It’s called being a criminal.

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