Below is a press release from Karen Rozier,  a woman fighting foreclosure and now for her freedom.  Unbelievable.


Media Contacts: Pam Ragland, (949)734-0374,
Karen Rozier,;

LA City Attorney May Jail Foreclosure Fighting Family Tomorrow Morning, After Refusing To Admit Crucial Evidence

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Jan. 13, 2014 – Is it just a coincidence Harvard University alumni Karen Rozier, and her unlicensed Cal-Poly Pomona degreed architect husband and Eagle Scout David Rozier, Sr., now find themselves wrongfully convicted of being ‘uneducated’ and ‘unqualified’ and facing jail—while fighting two of the biggest banks in the United States? Or do Bank of America and US Bank (U.S. Bankcorp, N.A.) have way too much influence to shut down wronged homeowners in this “Too big to fail” banking climate?

“We had no idea our Public Defender’s son works at Bank of America”, commented Karen Rozier. She also pointed out Judge Renee Korn, seeing a conflict with their criminal trial, promised to call the judge to postpone a critical US Bank ruling. “Yet, when I spoke to Rick Burns, he claimed he had never once heard from anyone from Judge Korn’s courtroom, and no such call ever took place to Judge Fell’s courtroom.” This caused US Bank to admit all of their facts into evidence, and Karen Rozier has never made one allegation against U.S. Bank, Bank of America and GMAC Mortgage already admitted to their mistakes, but U.S. Bank is trying to bury the truth — and the Roziers.

When former client Chona Ekstrand ran out of money for a potential building project, she asked for a refund on work the Rozier’s completed, including the work they completed while their son was fighting for his life in Children’s Hospital Orange County. When the couple refused, Chona Ekstrand used her connections in Los Angeles—despite the fact the African American couple lives in Orange County—to claim the Roziers aren’t who they say they are. She accused them of being “ghetto”, and lying about their education, in open court. Yet, although central to the case–the court refused to admit the Rozier’s education and credentials into evidence or to allow them any witnesses –so the jury never heard it.

The Roziers – an Orange County, Calif. couple “famous” for fighting US Bank, Bank of America, and GMAC Mortgage over the wrongful foreclosure of their home — have been battling the LA’s City Attorney in this fouryears-long case. However, the timing is suspect as their trial suddenly got scheduled just as the Rozier’s had a major hearing against US Bank and are preparing finally for trial. Besides Judge Korn neglecting to contact the court to postpone the US Bank hearing—she also refused to admit crucial evidence such as Karen Rozier’s educational background, or allow the many neighbors ready to testify David Rozier built their home himself just as he claimed. Karen Rozier also has an advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. Instead, Judge Korn allowed the jury to hear LA city attorney Keith de la Rosa accuse the Rozier’s of being “ghetto”, “nothing”, “liars”, “con artists” and assert his claims they had “lied” about their abilities. The implication is they could not possibly have the education they claim. Yet the jury, without access to the fact Karen Rozier has three college degrees– including earning a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering and a master’s of science in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon University, and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University—was left to believe the LA City’s depiction of her as “ghetto” and “uneductated”. Typically entering key evidence relevant to the charges into a trial is allowed.

Karen Rozier then made transparent the connection between the court-appointed counsel – who Ms. Rozier met for the first time at trial — and Bank of America. His son works for Bank of America in the Corporate finance Department—just a few blocks from where the Roziers were convicted. Normally with such a conflict of interest, he should have withdrawn. “Bank of America sold a rescinded loan to investors and to US Bank, who is attempting to foreclose on it. I was paying on the valid loan when GMAC Mortgage attempted to foreclose on the rescinded loan. GMAC Mortgage rescinded the foreclosure and that should have been the end of it. The loan does not exist, and there have been many times the two banks joined forces to hide this fact as this is also securities fraud. Their attorneys even forget who they are representing!”, Karen Rozier noted.

US Bank had already previously succeeded in using fraudulent emails to accuse the Rozier’s of being “dangerous”. The judge in that case, Judge Scott Steiner –who was under indictment for having sex with a staff member in exchange for a job–ruled against the Rozier’s and issued an order to take their guns [READ THAT STORY HERE]. “I was in the courtroom and heard the tape. Ms. Rozier threatened to have the lawyer arrested to breaking the law! That judge refused to admit the tape, even though it was U.S. Bank’s evidence! You have to ask ‘why’?”, said Pam Ragland, another homeowner successfully fighting US Bank, and who was made famous last summer for finding a missing boy in Riverside.

During the trial, the embattled couple’s stellar resumes were questioned, without allowing them to enter their education and experience–thereby backing up the prosecution’s case the couple somehow ripped off this former client, which the Roziers patently claim is false. “We absolutely did the work and she even admitted that she refused to accept the product.” says Karen Rozier. “She lost interest in the project after she lost her job and her HELOC dried up.” she adds.

Karen Rozier’s stellar education is coupled with her 5 years with the Naval Air Systems Command, and her two years at the Naval Sea Systems Command. She led the performance assessment branch for Missile Defense. So—not only is she educated, but she could most certainly be called a “rocket scientist” The Navy even invited her back to assume the position of Chief Engineer, Air-to-Ground Missiles. She lost that career-defining and well deserved position due to the LA City Prosecutor’s charges, which hinge on the fact she wasn’t as educated as she claimed, since the position requires a security clearance. As for David Rozier – neighbors stood ready to testify he built the couple’s 4,206 sq. ft. Buena Park home himself, something the prosecution denied and was pivotal to the Rozier’s defense. After all, they were simply claiming they had built their home under the average price per square foot. Ironically, this is the same home which is the subject of the lawsuits against US Bank, Bank of America, and GMAC, for their continual attempts to foreclose on a non existent note, once describing the Rozier’s home as a 1500 square foot one-story home. All this has left the Rozier’s to wonder how these “too big to fail” banks could have manipulated these proceedings.

Tomorrow as this American super couple goes back into court today at 8:30 A.M. in Dept 45 on the seventh floor of the city’s 210 W. Temple Ave. court, the Roziers say: “We were convicted for claiming to be what we are — talented and educated.” The couple is requesting a new hearing, to allowing the suppressed evidence to be heard. Members of the media and the public are encouraged to both call and stand witness in the courtroom to send a strong message to the banks and bad judges: “Please restore my faith in justice. Allow a new hearing for David and Karen Rozier. If not for Justice, then for David. Jr.” (213)974-6015

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3 Responses to FIGHT BANKS, GO TO JAIL?

  1. sunman says:

    It seems the rules of the court are not adequate to get to the truth. The TRUTH is what is most important, yes?

  2. In my case State of New Hampshire v Jean Allan, the State had me diagnosed as ‘not competent to stand trial. Thus foreclosing my right to present my affirmative defense to the illegal foreclosure of my family’s properties based upon forged documents, and other frauds. Details of my experiences have been posted on “No witness=No Case, and on my FB page Jean Allan Sovik.

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