…one bite at a time.

Karen Pooley, long-time crusader against foreclosure fraud, recently won her motion over whether or not her adversary can claim work product privilege over some important documents.  She sought what is known as “in camera” review, which is when a judge reviews evidence to determine whether or not it should be provided to all parties to the lawsuit.  The judge seems willing to rule in her favor on this–and only this–matter.  Indeed, he pointedly cuts Pooley off when she brings up the f-word: fraud.  To be fair, though, the judge does indicate that he would be willing to discuss the fraud accusation further if his review of the documents in question warrants such discussion (fingers crossed).

But Pooley clearly has a strategy going here: fight them on and for every last little thing.  Fight them and never give up.  Nothing you can do is insignificant.  Spoon-feed your case to the judge in the smallest possible bites he can swallow, and then, slowly but surely, he’s eaten it all up!  Brava, Ms. Pooley, Brava!

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