I won’t mince words: banks are financial terrorists (Max Keiser explains why in the clip above). Always have been, always will be until we start thinking of them as what they are–i.e., terrorists–and acting accordingly.  So what is this claim of terrorism based on?

Well, courtesy of attorney Dale Wiley, out of Missouri comes the case of Feeney vs. Nationstar.  Long story short: the Feeneys filed bankruptcy and in the midst of it began to think that the corporate entity that purported to be able to foreclose on the Feeney’s house did not actually have the right to do so.  So they started asking questions and y’know, defending themselves on the basis of sound legal principles like negotiation and the Uniform Commercial Code.  The Feeneys were wise to what was going on, and turns out they were totally right to bring up the questions they did because they had caught the bank with its pants down.  The bank didn’t have the authority it claimed it did, so then what happened?  Quite reflexively, as easy as you please, the bank manufactured the evidence out of thin air–just like they do with money!

Proof the “evidence” was manufactured

This kind of manufacturing of evidence happens all the time, it’s just that usually, hard evidence of this criminal behavior is hard to come by.  However, Wiley got undeniable proof of it this time.  He got his hands on a Nationstar (who used to call themselves “Aurora”) internal memo which said this:

Wiley Paper Terrorism case

So the Feeneys were right–there was no assignment that gave Aurora/Nationstar the right to do anything SO THEY (AURORA/NATIONSTAR) MADE ONE UP, BACKDATED IT, AND GOT A NOTARY TO SIGN OFF ON IT!  And then filed it in the land records of Greene County, Missouri!

Why did Aurora/Nationstar do this instead of just admitting their mistake?  Why, to screw over the Feeneys, of course!  That’s the whole point of all of this:  the banks must screw the American public out of their property, even if they have to cheat to do soEVEN IF THE BANK HAS NO LEGAL INTEREST IN SAID PROPERTY!  Hell, especially if they have no legal interest in the property!

And you know what?  IT TOTALLY WORKED!  The bankruptcy court took the manufactured evidence, blessed it, and said to the Feeneys, “You poor bastards are gonna lose your house because ta-da!  Here’s the assignment you wouldn’t shut up about!  Are ya happy now?”

The REAL paper terrorism

But when someone like Barbara Bratton engages in this same exact behavior, she gets thrown in jail and accused of engaging in “paper terrorism.”  Same with Howard Graber, who is facing 170 years in jail because he did the same thing.

But you know what Bratton and Graber and others like them were doing?  They were defending their property, property they knew the banks didn’t own and had no interest in, despite the bank and/or their goons (i.e., “servicers”) saying otherwise.  And both Bratton and Graber tried to get satisfaction in the courts, but the courts wouldn’t hear of such.  Bratton’s case was dismissed without discovery, and Graber was forcibly evicted by a SWAT team despite having filed a counteraffidavit, which under Georgia law meant that he should have been allowed to stay in his house and be allowed a jury trial on the merits.

And then Bratton and Graber are labeled as terrorists and fraudsters, all because they tried to defend themselves and their property.  But isn’t that what Americans are supposed to do–defend themselves?  Defend themselves from criminals and thieves?  And aren’t the criminals and thieves the real terrorists?  Of course!  The banks that do this kind of stuff are the real terrorists and it’s time we all–the courts, the media, and the public–start thinking of them this way.

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  1. Paper terrorism, financial terrorism, economic terrorism, IT IS T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M! Nothing less! I stated this on my pro se case.

  2. rene says:

    This is identity theft and trespass on our likeness in order to create fraud in the land records and steal our land, homes and lives. The forged and fraudulent documents ARE paper terrorism. The trusts have no perfected standing and yet the judges (ahem, loose term) STAND up for the crooks! We now know that if a judge covers a felony we can now file a suit against them as there is no immunity where FRAUD is concerned and this judge committed a FELONY right along with the crooks! ENOUGH! We are a nation of fed up homeowners and identity theft victims who are not going to stop until the crimes do and the corruption is no longer a part of our judicial system. This is a systemic pattern of fraud perpetuated through our land records, aka: CRIME SCENES. This is PROOF and the homeowner must get the home back, damages and the crooks BEHIND BARS!! I have not seen one legal foreclosure out of thousands of documents. STOP THE CRIMES!

  3. eggsistense says:

    I totally agree with you ladies. It’s madness.

  4. Mr. Subprime says:

    The rule of law is secondary to the Treasury, Government, and Judiciary’s quest to support the banks at all costs. This reads like my case: Appellate court judge rules that typo’s are more of a violation than racketeering and wire fraud on behalf of the bank attorneys, the BK judge rules the maker of the note cannot contest the fraudulent endorsement; “But judge, there are THREE assignments of mortgage and TWO copies of the note?”
    Had another judge say (in another case) “”Well, that’s not THE RIGHT KIND OF FORGERY”
    Uh, excuse me, but is there really A RIGHT KIND OF FORGERY, JUDGE?
    Such circumstances are alleviated by denying the homeowner the right to evidentiary hearings to prove the claims that should already be deemed as true. Who is giving the marching orders that every homeowner whose transaction was touched by TARP has to be liquidated at all costs?? The Federal Reserve? George Soros? the World Bank? The PRES and the Senate supporting the BLACK BUDGET? (No pun intended, Barry)? Who is in charge of misdirecting the TARP initiative to back this fraud?


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