Rocket Docket? Is it Time to Sue the System?

Now this is what I’m talking about. It’s time to stop wringing our hands, feeling pitiful, and wondering what we’re gonna do about all this. A capital idea, I say!

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 Is it time to sue the system?


A Federal lawsuit against the State for systemic violations of due process is long over due. 


The current system in most states includes some version of the rocket docket. Even without that the bias is clearly  there, but with the “expediting” of claims due process is clearly the loser as the banks get richer on the misery of homeowners who legally have every right to win their cases.


The current thinking amongst court administrators and the judges who preside is the presumption that the truth lies in the assertions of the party initiating foreclosures in both nonjudicial and judicial states and dilatory tactics amount to lies of the borrower. The opposite is true and if challenged, it could easily be proven that the rocket docket has resulted in millions of wrongful foreclosures by parties who were simply greedy intermediaries using…

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