Mary McCulley in court 4-25-14

This is unbelievable.  Absurd.  Kafkaesque.

Mary McCulley was sent to jail yesterday because supposedly she is a “public risk” and doesn’t “respect the law”:

“BUTTE – A federal judge chose to give a Kentucky woman a longer prison sentence than recommended after concluding that her impersonation of a federal officer and threatening behavior showed her to be a public risk.

U.S. District Judge Sam. E. Haddon sentenced Mary Ann McCulley, 54, to one year in federal prison and one year of probation for impersonating a federal officer.”

  Meanwhile, great respecters of the law like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Brian T. Moynihan, and Richard K. Davis walk free.

That last name in the list of bank CEOs–Richard K. Davis–is the CEO of US Bank, against whom McCulley recently was awarded $6 million dollars in punitive and actual damages.  The judge in her case recently denied US Bank’s motion to reduce the damages.

So what did US Bank do to McCulley?  Again, David Dayen recently summed it up very well:

“…[McCulley] had her loan changed by U.S. Bank without her knowledge, from a $300,000 30-year loan to a $200,000 loan due in 18 months, and in documents submitted to the court, U.S. Bank included four separate loan applications with different terms.”

This led McCulley into a years-long legal battle with US Bank, during which she basically lost everything and even attempted suicide.  She attempted to get the FBI and other government agencies to help her, but they wouldn’t.

So it is absurd for the judge to now accuse her of “taking the law into her own hands”–what choice did she have?  If she didn’t do what she did, she would’ve lost her case and US Bank’s criminal behavior wouldn’t have been revealed.  Which of course is the point of this witch hunt against McCulley–they don’t want their crimes brought into the light.

Banks, not the people, are the real threat to society

Ultimately, this sentence is not about McCulley, even though she surely is the one who will have to do the time.  This sentence is about sending a warning to all of us: don’t challenge the banks, because they are terrified that we will beat them like McCulley did.  And that is what they don’t want.  They don’t want their fraud system challenged.  They want you to just lay down and accept it.

Mary McCulley didn’t, and she is now paying the price.  But they can’t put us all in jail.  Which is where they want us, because it is the banks who are the real threat to society and to public safety.  It is the banks, not the Mary McCulleys of the world, who brought the world into financial ruin and have driven millions into homelessness, poverty, bankruptcy, and suicide.

It’s completely backward: the non-threat to society is put in jail while the actual threat to society goes free.  Timothy Racicot, the Assistant U.S. Attorney said she needs to “respect the law.”  Oh, like US Bank “respects the law?”  This is madness…

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  1. Looks like her attorney did not represent her well. How about mental duress causing her behavior. Not condoning it but this crime is so outrageous, the mental anquish and duress is unconscionable and has caused homicides, suicides and unusual behavior, to lose your home is devastating.

  2. pamragland says:

    Contact: Pam Ragland (949)734-0374 or Sherry Hernandez (310)990-6814

    Foreclosed homeowner jailed, falsely accused by those responsible for forging her loan

    April 27, 2014 – Orange County, CA. PROTEST – Board member of American Land Title (ALTA), MONDAY, Apri1, 28, 2014 7-9 AM, at: 1, 3, & 5 First American Way, First American Title Company, Santa Ana, CA

    For the millions who have lost their homes to foreclosure, or are still losing their homes to the “too big to fail” banks, Mary McCulley is a hero. In February she stood up to those who caused the fraud which led to her foreclosure–and won. She obtained a $6 million award–including punitive damages—against US Bank (U.S. Bancorp, N.A.) Yet on April 25, 2014, Mary was forcibly hauled off to federal prison for accusations by former American Title Land Company (ALTA) Title Officer Tom Cahill—one of the institutions Mary sued for conspiring to defraud her, along with U.S. Bank. Based soley on Cahill’s word, Mary was sentenced to one year in Federal Prison, plus another year very harsh probation. She was immediately taken away by Federal Marshalls, and reported severe bruising after being roughed up. Mary is 56 years old.

    ALTA made over $1 Billion per MONTH last year. Their economic rebound occurred in 2012. How is that possible from house title insurance premiums?

    Tom Cahill was responsible for Mary’s loan at ALTA, and was on duty when her 30 year residential loan was later changed to an 18 month commercial loan by the defendants. This resulted in Mary McCulley losing her home, when a balloon payment of $100,000 was suddenly due. Cahill admitted documenting her loan as ‘commercial’, when in fact it was supposed to have been a residential loan.

    On February 7, 2014, US Bank (U.S. Bancorp, N.A.) was found guilty in a jury trial of fraudulently foreclosing on Mary’s home. The jury found proof U.S. Bank swapped her loan using forged and altered loan documents, in a joint effort to defraud Mary–along with ALTA. ALTA is the largest title company association in the United States, and includes local companies such as First American Title, and California Title Company.

    When Mary learned her loan was swapped and her deed was forged, she reported it to the local police. When they did nothing, she reported it to the FBI. When they failed to act, she sued. After months and months of having her case thrown out and getting nowhere, Mary was left to investigate her own fraud. Cahill was deposed by Mary in her civil lawsuit.

    After that—and shortly before her trial against US Bank—Cahill suddenly contacted the FBI and accused Mary of “impersonating an FBI agent”—though she denies she ever did.

    Mary went after two huge institutions—US Bank and ALTA. They retaliated and went after her–and on Friday, a federal judge sentenced her to prison for one year. ALTA board members here in Santa Ana make the decisions, create the policy, and lobby the Legislature to make laws in favor of the financial industry. They are a GOLIATH–and it took a GOLIATH to take Mary McCulley down.

    To many fighting the banks, this is an example of the kind of abuse they must endure. These charges against Mary should have been thrown out. Instead, while those responsible for forging Mary’s loan and almost causing her to successfully commit suicide go free—Mary sits in Federal Prison.

    Protestors have documents showing what ALTA did–including Tom Cahill’s Deposition–and intend to expose it to the world on April 28th in front of First American Title.

    Before Mary gets transferred to a Federal Prison, her attorney will go before the judge one last time on April 28th to request another review of Mary’s case. Mary has a SHOT at getting out of prison to be with her mom, who has Alzheimer’s.


  3. eggsistense says:

    I’m not sure even the best attorney could have prevented the Feds from trying to make an example out of Mary McCulley. From my understanding, she didn’t do what they say she did. In my opinion, they’re trying to punish her for beating US Bank.


  5. Ridiculous. Bloody ridiculous. And I say this as a former escrow attorney BTW.

    Christopher King, J.D.

  6. AmidYousef says:

    Most bankers are *THUGS* who cheat and alter documents while crossing fingers behind their back.
    I am accusing PNC BANK of Money Laundering Top Syrians money and hoping the FEDERAL JUDGE will support me asking PNC to open the books to the larges LAUNDERING…
    WATCH my video and please SHARE

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