McCulley Prison Meme copy corrected

Mary McCulley has a new “home” (to replace the one she was defrauded out of, how sweet)–a high-security federal penitentiary in West Virginia.  Wikipedia’s description:

The United States Penitentiary, Hazelton (USP Hazelton) is a high-security United States federal prison for male inmates in West Virginia. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice. The facility has a satellite prison camp for minimum-security male offenders, as well as a Secure Female Facility that houses female inmates. A new medium-security facility is under construction at the site, which will have a capacity of 1,152 male inmates when completed.

The facility is located in the mountains of Preston County, West Virginia, in the community of Bruceton Mills, and is approximately 35 minutes from Morgantown, WV, 45 minutes from Uniontown, PA, and 45 minutes from Cumberland, MD.

So this is what you get after proving that a bank commits fraud against you and you win a $6 million judgment.  She is in this prison because supposedly she is a threat to society.  This is completely absurd, as pointed out in “Banks Are A Threat To Society, Not Mary McCulley“:

Ultimately, this sentence is not about McCulley, even though she surely is the one who will have to do the time.  This sentence is about sending a warning to all of us: don’t challenge the banks, because they are terrified that we will beat them like McCulley did.  And that is what they don’t want.  They don’t want their fraud system challenged.  They want you to just lay down and accept it.

Mary McCulley didn’t, and she is now paying the price.  But they can’t put us all in jail.  Which is where they want us, because it is the banks who are the real threat to society and to public safety.  It is the banks, not the Mary McCulleys of the world, who brought the world into financial ruin and have driven millions into homelessness, poverty, bankruptcy, and suicide.

It’s completely backward: the non-threat to society is put in jail while the actual threat to society goes free.  Timothy Racicot, the Assistant U.S. Attorney said she needs to “respect the law.”  Oh, like US Bank “respects the law?”  This is madness…

However, as pointed out here, the only thing McCulley is a threat to is fraud (“Mary McCulley Is A Threat To Fraud, Not To Banks Or The Public“):

Simply put, she [McCulley] is a threat.  Not to the public, not at all.  Not even close.  She certainly isn’t a threat to banks.  No, the only thing she’s a threat to is fraud.

And if you happen to be a bank engaged in fraud or who has otherwise incorporated fraud into your business model, then look out!  US Bank learned that the hard way when McCulley won a $6 million judgment against them back in February.  US Bank, to put it simply, defrauded her (so said the jury) and lied to the court (the judge called it “intentional deceit”–same diff).  This is not in dispute.

If it weren’t for McCulley’s tenacity in prosecuting the case, the fraud might never have come to light.  Remember, this woman appealed an unfavorable decision from prison and without an attorney.  It’s that kind of determination and tenacity that the banks who commit fraud and their puppet courts don’t like.

McCulley Jail

McCulley can be contacted here:

Mary McCulley


US Penitentiary, PO Box 2000

Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

We need to build a movement to help get McCulley out of jail ASAP as well as make sure that this kind of railroading and judicial chicanery is not visited upon others who would dare to challenge the banks…I mean, the government. By which I mean, the banks…or, well (pun intended)…you know who I mean: the Deep State

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  1. I never imagined that this kind of thing could happen in our country. This is the propaganda we hear about happening in third world nations. I understand how difficult it is, if not impossible, to get our law enforcement to do it’s job when it comes to the fraudulent foreclosures, then in addition to NOT doing their job, they arrest the ones that are trying to bring a light to the fraud. This situation is unacceptable.

  2. So sad and so true. We are not living in the America we believed we were living in. I agree “Banks Are A Threat To Society, Not Mary McCulley“: Banks have been getting away with bulling society for decades, One generation after the next, Banks are the biggest threat to our economy, the public interest, with blood on their hands. The unconscionable hell these criminal banks cause the elderly, the vulnerable, the unaware victims, their children, elderly parents, including vetrans of war fighting for our freedoms, while the banks and their bought enablers chisled away all the wealth including property we worked hard for. Time to end this. Thanks Clinton for exposing the truth. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! People should be enraged at this!

    • eggsistense says:

      Thank you, Shelley! I’ve been meaning to tell you that your FB page is so loaded with great info all the time I can barely keep up or do anything else for trying to read or at least glance at all of it!

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