What follows is an interview with David Rozier, husband of the now-incarcerated foreclosure fighter Karen Rozier.  In this short piece, David gives an account of what happened in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday, June 23, 2014–along with some idea of why it happened, filling in some details that many observers have wondered about.

A number of observers have noted striking similarities between the case of Mary McCulley and that of the Roziers.  A few of the most glaring:

1) in both cases there are accusations involving guns;

2) bank attorneys and judges claim to feel threatened via email and Facebook;

3) there are victories by the homeowners in each case;

4) there are unrelenting pro se plaintiffs in each case (and/or representation by public defenders);

5) US Bank is involved in both cases; and

6) homeowners have been hauled off to jail on questionable, trumped-up charges.

Specifically, the Roziers had a victory in a hearing last Friday.  According to Rozier below, the Roziers are close to victory against US Bank and Bank of America and they have an unopposed case against GMAC Mortgage, with a hearing scheduled for Thursday in that case.

The Roziers need $5,000 to get Karen out on bail.  PayPal donations can be sent to  Write “Karen Rozier” in the subject line of the email.

Interview with David Rozier

By: Clinton Kirby (Liberty Road Media)

Published June 24, 2014

LRM: So many questions–I’ll try to make this quick.  I know you have a lot of people to talk to, a lot of things to do.

DR It’s crazy.

LRM: Tell me what happened. Why a TRO (temporary restraining order)?  What’s that all about?

DR: OK.  Here’s what going on.  Facebook page—Karen posted some things.  Some of the things she posted, they’re a little savory.  But not technically a threat.  I can  pray for your death all day long.  I can wish you were dead.  I can hope you die when you walk across the street and I hope your mama gets runs over by a car.  But guess what?  That’s not a threat.  They used that as a threat against the prosecutor, saying he was all scared.  And he appeared very, very intimidated and very scared, I mean, the guy’s like 5′ 1” and really nothing more than a mouse.  The judge also.  They took one of her Facebook pages–information off of it–and used that against her even though none of it is an actual threat.

The question that she had is, “If you believe what’s on my Facebook page, why didn’t you believe my credentials (which are all over my Facebook page) which says I am a Harvard graduate/rocket scientist/Carnegie Mellon graduate—but you didn’t use any of that when you considered our trial?  So how is it that you can take this TRO out against me today and lock me up and you did not use any of this information—it didn’t count—when it was our trial?”  It’s absurd.  Can’t do it both ways.

It was a physical assault today–20 armed police officers.  OK?  I’m just sitting there—they wouldn’t let me move or turn around—they wrestled her to the floor.  She didn’t do anything resisting, all she was  trying to say is, “Your honor, you haven’t heard the facts.  This man is lying. The prosecutor is lying.  We have the proof and evidence, but we were supposed to bring that tomorrow, which the first judge said was okay. This guy says, ‘No, you’re going to remand today,’ and we’re saying”–and of course she was upset going –“Wait a minute, we have proof that this prosecutor is lying.  We have proof that all this 132 pages of nonsense he just submitted is bullshit” and I came home and I pulled the police report myself to prove it tomorrow when I go back.

But we have again all the evidence that shows that they are corrupt and did everything wrong. Today they showed up with a motion that they shouldn’t—you can’t have motion on a day that you just put it in and nobody’s prepared for it.  It’s absurd, and that’s what they did–again.  And they locked her up this time because they said they felt afraid.

LRM: OK, stop there–the prosecutor felt threatened?

DR:  The prosecutor and the judge specifically.  The judge said, “I’ve read the post and I am very concerned.  I feel that the status of the case has changed.  All this other stuff doesn’t matter because now she has broken…”  Again, as I’ve already pointed out, she has not violated any of the TRO assignments against us so far.  The thing is, she wrote something on a Facebook page—she posted the address and information about the investigator who started this entire thing.

LRM:  Investigator of what?

DR: Of the criminal case.  When this whole thing started, there was an investigator by the city.  Person asked some questions, we answered the questions.  They said that Karen was belligerent and that’s why we’ve been charged and convicted—because Karen is belligerent.  Not that we committed any crime—there is no crime.  Nobody has ever said or proven there’s a crime.  They convicted us and arrested us and charged us with being rude and arrogant.  That’s what we’re charged with and convicted for.

So to get back to this Autumn Holmes—is on the list.   The investigator works for the state, but she is not a peace officer.  She’s simply an investigator.  So they used that to lock her [Karen] up, saying that she threatened a peace officer as well.  And those three things together are why they have locked her up right now tonight.

LRM: Repeat that last part.  Why is she locked up?

DR: Because Autumn Holmes is an investigator, not a peace officer.  By law, you can’t threaten a peace officer—we know that.  We called and verified with her boss before we posted anything.  We asked him if she was a peace officer.  They said, “No, she is not a peace officer, she is simply an investigator.”  So that had no bearing on anything.  Her information was fine to give out the way we did it and there was no law broken.  The law that was broken is what Tony Ward—the judge—did today, when he tried to say that Karen threatened somebody by wishing they were dead.

LRM: Are you talking about the bond, or what are you talking about?

DR:  Going back to the investigator, this person who got this thing started.  And now she has this TRO that they pushed for and they got that through the same woman.  These people are corrupt.  There’s no proof of anything.  And what Karen said is not a threat.  It’s a promise.  It’s like we said this: “If you continue to commit the crimes, and you are a person of public trust, we will find you and hold you accountable.  If you’re going to prosecute innocent people, then you need to die.”  That’s what we said.  Well, that’s what she said.  That’s it.  It wasn’t, “I’m gonna go out and kill you all—I’m gonna kill you, kill you, kill you.”  No–it was, “If you keep fucking with me, there’s gonna be repercussions.”  That’s what it was.  And she said very specifically—legally.  We will get you legally.  We can kill you legally. We don’t have to kill you physically, that’s stupid.  We’ve never raised a hand to anybody.  We’ve never been violent, period.

We’ve shown up for 65 appearances as they brought out the same stupid misdemeanor with everybody questioning, “How in the hell do you get a $100,000 grand theft misdemeanor?”  It doesn’t exist.  They created it just to mess with us.

Now Thursday—this is why they locked her up, you have to get this—is the big hearing in New York with GMACM.  That is to close up all those accounts.  Right now it like’s 700 and whatever’s left over out of the original 7,000.  We’re the only remaining case in the country that is unopposed by GMACM at this moment.  The only case.  Our case is a $100 million case.  It’s the second-largest case in the nation.  So they’re trying desperately to keep us from doing what we have to do.  They tried to keep us out of court last week.  Friday we had an ex parte bullshit that Karen kicked this guy’s ass from Bank of America.  Sent him home crying because the judge even saw through his ex parte nonsense to have a summary judgment.   And the summary judgment, the fact that they did it?  Thank you very much for being so corrupt, because now we get to bring back every single thing that the judge has made a long ruling on, all the way back to when it was complex court before US Bank even entered the picture.

So that means right now, at this point,we are sitting in the driver’s seat of beating Bank of America, US Bank, and we’ve already beaten GMAC.  That’s just a matter of, “When are you gonna give me my damn money?”  So they have to lock her up to keep her from 1) Thursday’s meeting, and 2) because at this point, if we get any money from any of our settlements, they’re all screwed.  So they’re desperately trying to keep us in.

They announced today that they know that we’re indigent, as the judge said.  We don’t have any money.  I live on $538 a month for three people.   That’s how good we’ve been doing.  We’ve raised our own food, we’ve life thriftily, and at the same time we’re helping others.  She’s saved people’s homes in 24 hours by writing a letter.  This was 2-3 years ago when it was still just brand new to people.  So you know, my wife has been the warrior for the people.  And we’ve had absolutely no help other than—we’ve had a few phone calls.  We’ve had a few petitions, and that’s great.  Some of them did nothing but piss the court off.  And that’s fine, but people’s hearts are in a good place, and we appreciate it.

But at this point in the game, my wife is locked the hell up and it makes no sense and the only reason I’m not locked up right now is because I kept enough calm to not hurt anybody in the courtroom today.  That’s where we are.

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