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Karen Rozier was taken to jail earlier today after appearing for what she and her husband David believed was going to be simply “a routine hearing,” according to a source close to the Roziers, who went on to say that today the Roziers were “supposed to get new court-appointed attorneys” and that the Roziers “had filed for a re-trial.”

Instead, according to our source, this is what happened:

“They were sucker-punched with the TRO filed by Autumn Holmes, the investigator on their criminal charges. Karen had filed a lawsuit against her for her shoddy investigation where they had accused Karen of lying about her Harvard degree.

Apparently, they used some bogus accusations they claim were given by some process servers who had gone to David and Karen’s home to serve them.

The truth is (and David went to get the file today) that it was the process servicers who accosted the Roziers on their own property.

This was documented in the police report, along with affidavits by the neighbors who witnessed the whole thing. David now has a copy of that police report.”

Help Karen make her $5,000 bail 

LRM spoke with David Rozier tonight and he said, “They announced today they know that we’re indigent, as the judge said. We don’t have any money.”  He went on to say that, “At the same time we’re helping others. My wife has been the warrior for the people.”

The Roziers need $5,000 to get Karen out on bail.  PayPal donations can be sent to  Write “Karen Rozier” in the subject line of the email. 

More details about the case and about today’s events from the LRM interview with David Rozier to come.

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