Foreclosure fighter Karen Rozier is apparently now in custody.  In a Facebook status update, sources close to Rozier say her husband said the following:

“Emergency 20 officers taking down Karen M. Rozier her husband just called they are locking her up.”

Like Mary McCulley, another fighter against US Bank, Rozier has been deemed a “threat to society” with bail set at $50,000 and a temporary restraining order filed against her.  This information is subject to correction as more details arrive.

Earlier in the day, Facebook statuses from others close to the situation indicated the following:

“UPdate. ALERT on Karen Rozier : Hearing tomorrow, Tuesday at 1:30 pm
Dept. 30 , judge Korn. Judge wants her to put up $50,000 to stay out of jail on a contempt hearing.”

Sources say Rozier went to court today expecting to have one hearing today and one tomorrow but that her hearing for tomorrow was moved to today, forcing pro se litigant Rozier to deal with two hearings in one day, on the fly.

UPDATE 1–from Maegan Donovan Nikolic:

I just spoke with David her husband he is pissed paniced and confused. 20 officers a couple took her to ground put her face into floor knees in her back and as she was yelling they were abusing her theymade her husband and son leave court room david said he was outside and could hear her screaming in pain but couldnt go in the ambulance showed up and took her out locked to the chair chair must be used due to elevator they refused to say where they are taking her

Read more about Rozier’s situation here:

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  1. teresa L. Chapman says:

    I think this is a grave injustice but it clearly lets the people know that unless you are in bed with a banker ( and I hope they all die) you will go to jail for fighting them.

  2. teresa L. Chapman says:

    so now then get to win because they caged her. whatever system we have in this country, it’s broke and the people that can fix it get put away. why anyone would want to be a citizen of foolishness and hatred is beyond me

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