Beating Bank of America

If ten bucks could help take down the bank you despise the most, would you pay it?

In order to do just that, a family in Washington state has started a crowdfunding campaign over at Kickstarter called “Beating Bank of America.”  Love the optimism contained in that headline, and when you talk about defeating BoA, well–you’re totally speaking my language.  They want to raise $5,000 by August 14 to help with attorney fees, with a minimum donation of $10.

Here are some details from the site:

“4 years ago, after a year of fighting the bank, on my husband and I’s anniversary our home was foreclosed on. We admit we made mistakes, unfortunately, the biggest was believing the advice the Bank representative gave us. When we applied we were not behind yet, but we knew my husband was getting laid off and that I was ill with what became just the first of many illnesses. They told us that they would not help us until we were 3 months behind, but that then we definitely qualified once we made that mark.

What really happened is that we allowed 3 months to go by only to be told that they would no longer accept payments from us and that foreclosure preceding had started. They consistantly ‘Lost’ our paperwork, and the hours I spent on the phone with them were never noted, we were told we never called or sent in the thousands of papers we had. We didn’t give up, we refused to. So through the pain of pancreatitas and a bad Gall bladder I fought with everything I had. No way was I letting the surgery hold me down. We took the little money we had and invested in the first law firm that specializes is getting Loan modifications. We once again re-submitted every piece of information we had, time and time again because they played the same games on them they did with us of ‘Lost paperwork’ etc. On June 3rd of 2010 they once again denied our loan mod. The catch? We have emails to our lawyers FROM THE BANK that they denied us using our old paperwork, and not the current. They took our home on information that they knew was not accurate. They sold our home the next day, and the very same bank that sold our home illegally BOUGHT our home.”

I don’t want to come across as advertising for Jamie Vos and her family.  I don’t know them personally, and I can’t vouch for them at all (but I feel like I know them since their story is soooo familiar).  I do not receive a dime from promoting this campaign, nor do I want to.

What I do want to see, however, is Bank of America taken to task.  And Wells Fargo.  And Chase.  And so on.

How the banks will lose—the peaceful revolution

But of course, the economy is in the toilet.  People don’t have money to fight these banks.  And that’s what the banks are counting on: that we will cower—broke, ashamed, and isolated—and not challenge them.

Ah, but that’s the beauty of a campaign like this–most people could contribute $10 and not even miss it. Get 500 people to do that, and suddenly the bank now has another headache to deal with, another fire to put out.  Suddenly their little plan of keeping us isolated and unable to challenge them is, you know, completely spoiled.  Ruined.  And I love that.


Indeed a campaign like this is a way we could all help each other with the one thing we have the least of and the one thing the banks have an unlimited, free supply of: money.  And it gives fuel to the thing we have an unlimited supply of and which they have none of: the fighting spirit of righteous anger.

This type of campaign is something that definitely should be encouraged and replicatedThis campaign only has one backer right now, but let’s change that.  Let’s take down these criminal banks, $10 at a time!

Share this far and wide—get the word out!

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  1. I saw the Vos family on national news, shocked and in tears, from a BOA representative toting guns threatening them to be in foreclosure, when they believed to be in Modification status. I and a friend checked out the assignments and notices on their property and found their address. The fraud assignments were exactly matching my sons mortgage case to the letter and names of robo signers. I sent copies of proof of my sons and the proof of the crime the Vos family had no idea was happening to them to wake them up and my email address. BOA became concerned of the National news exsposure, therefore they offered the Vos family to stop all foreclosure proceedings and to do a modification, but did not really intend to do this, as time went by, proved their deception. BOA then immediately filed a complaint against the Vos family asking the judge for Quiet Title for BOA. YES! QT while claiming they own the note! And were the party of interest. Also naming ReconTrust as one of the parties to foreclose and MERS as a beneficiary. Remember Bains V MERS and the WA Supreme Court ruling MERS is not a beneficiary in the state of WA? And ReconTrust was being sued for illegally foreclosing in the state of WA and shortly after this complaint was filed was on consent order. ReconTrust is illegal in all states.http://www.atg.wa.gov/uploadedFiles/Home/News/Press_Releases/2011/ComplaintRecontrust2011-08-05.pdf
    http://www.msfraud.org/articles/charges-tie-shurtleff-job-interview-to-bankamerica-deal_%207-14.pdf So I informed the Vos attorney of all of this. She saw the picture fast and filed a counter law suit. BOA then offered QT to the Vos family, however with a hook. The Vos family would have to sign an agreement they still owed BOA the debt. Of course the Vos family refused this. Next thing the Vos familie discovers is their attorney bailed and signed a letter telling BOa and ReconTrust the {illegal}y) foreclosure and sale at auction stands. So now they are in the hands of a great attorney and are going forward with their case and additionally need to sue the Ex attorney.
    Besides the nightmare we all are going through, they have suffered and been harmed by their ex attorney. This case has sooooo much proof of fraud and deception and good reason for the Vos family to prevail with Scott Stafne being their attorney. I am donating funds to them also once again, because this is the way for all of us to beat these dead beat banks. It is not just this family this is for all of us.

  2. I pray all will do the same and support this woman as well.
    Kathyjo needs our support. I have never personally met either of these families. I support them and pray they make case law to beat the banks for all of us. https://libertyroadmedia.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/update-homeowner-victory-in-michigan/

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