Joel Sucher covers the waterfront of foreclosure fraud today, even giving a shoutout to us here at LRM.  Sucher performs the badly-needed service of humanizing and un-demonizing those damaged by the ongoing foreclosure maelstrom:

The largely nameless victims in this crisis brings to mind Jules Dassin’s fabled 1948 film noir classic, Naked City, that explored the lives of New York’s underclass. At the movies finale a disembodied narrator’s voice proclaims, ‘There are 8 million stories in the Naked City, this has been one of them.’

The movie inspired an idea. I’d like to host a party over at my place and invite a few foreclosure victims. Perhaps Secretary Lew might attend. He lives just a stone’s throw from my digs in Westchester (he calls the Riverdale section of the Bronx home). Tim Geithner would be welcome as well. He hails from the nearby Westchester village of Mamaroneck. A meet and greet would give them a chance to chat with real flesh and blood individuals who’ve weathered the outrageous slings and arrows of an industry bent on driving them from their homes.

He then goes on to name several of those “nameless victims,” including Mary McCulley, who has been extensively covered here at LRM:

“Montana resident, Mary McCulley, may find it difficult to attend. Currently she’s a guest of the Federal government, serving time in the slammer for allegedly “impersonating” a government agent while investigating why her bank — U.S. Bank — decided to change a 300,000 30-year loan to a 200,000 loan due in eighteen months. A Montana Jury in February, 2014, found her accusations credible to the tune of six million dollars (a verdict reached several months before her incarceration). The case, first mentioned in a Salon.com article is a jaw dropper, and enough to make you wonder why Hollywood hasn’t yet come knocking on her jail cell door. “

In case you missed it, that “jaw dropper” part links back to LRM’s interview with Mary from May 7!  Sucher also tells the stories of KathyJo Enders Torrenga (which LRM covered here and here) and JoAnn Kennedy, both on the radar screen here at LRM.  Sucher accurately (and poetically, in my view) captures the raison d’être of the foreclosure (read: injustice) industry and warns us of their upcoming plans:

“These folks represent a constituency that’s been victimized by an industry that just keeps steamrolling along looking for new ways to turn misery into money and they’ll be getting together for their own soiree in mid-September in Dallas. Yes, the foreclosure empire will be striking back with some of the biggest names in mortgage banking and servicing in attendance, all trading notes on how best to thwart any strategic offensive by the defaulting homeless rabble.

Here’s a promo video for the soiree Sucher’s talking about (shudder):

Foreclosure confab

Have sweet dreams tonight after watching that!  Dallas is already ground zero for a whole shit-ton of foreclosure scamming and document-forging/paper terrorism, so who knows what kind of banking/foreclosure black hole could be opened up by bringing all this fraud to one place…

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  1. Sunman says:

    This should be great! 100’s of ways to maximize your profits…..at someone else’s expense!
    Think of all the ways to create absolute misery for millions of people! Take their homes! Take their livelihood. … Take the most valuable thing anyone has. Their TIME.
    Fraud has a way of giving that does not end with the transaction. The effect goes on for generations. Can anyone go that will expose this practice for what it really is?

  2. K. Ferguson says:

    Dallas Foreclosure Defenders should be planning something for the bullshit FiveStarConference!

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