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You may remember reading the story of KathyJo Enders Torrenga and her family here on the site.  They are scheduled to be evicted from their Muskegon, Michigan home tomorrow morning.  This is happening despite the fact that the Torrengas have never missed a payment in over 20 years.

The thing that separates Torrenga from many of the people that are preyed upon in this manner is that she has not gone gentle into that good night.  She has chosen to stand up for her rights, and in so doing, she is standing up for the rights of every homeowner and would-be bank victim.  So anybody in the area that can get there, please do so!  Can’t have too many witnesses!  Contact info:

phone: 231-736-5235

email: Michigan Foreclosure Fraud

Here is a press release from the Torrenga family:

Please help save The Torrenga’s home with a Peaceful protest!

Tuesday September 2, 2014 6:30 AM

4224 E Laketon Ave, Muskegon, Mi 49442

Twenty two years ago, Kathy Torrenga and her husband, Dave, high school sweethearts, moved into their new home located in Muskegon, Mi. The first night in their home Kathy went into labor with their first born child. Now, with their impending wrongful eviction just days away, Kathy is in the labor of writing up their appeal, on her own! She has been unable to find an attorney to help defend her families home, from a company that does not exist in the state of Michigan. Something she pointed out to the Judge, but somehow that major detail was ignored, as well as left off the written transcript from their August 9, 2014 hearing.

How did this nightmare happen? Life was so good! They had always made their payments on time, at least 99.9% of the time. How could this be? Dave and Kathy are not deadbeats!

It all started in October 2010, when the Torrenga’s received an envelope addressed to Dave, with no return address, and nothing inside except a money order they had sent in as payment for December 2009, it had not been cashed. They had no idea why it was being returned to them. Kathy called the mortgage company’s customer service number and discovered the company was “out of business” and that a welcome packet should be received from the new lender soon.

Next they received in the mail, one thin paper from BAC HLS stating that they were the new “servicer” with a phone number to call, within three days. Kathy called immediately. She was told BAC HLS was a debt collector. They wanted to know what was owed on the mortgage, and what the Torrenga’s monthly payment amount was. Kathy was confused why they did not know these things already. Hadn’t SOMEONE been keeping an accounting of what they had been paying for years? It was at this time that they were told they were in FORECLOSURE! They were in a PANIC. They were not behind! Their payment to the old company wasn’t even due yet. That was when the nightmare started.

For almost three years, Kathy and Dave complied with each and every demand Bank of America Home Loan Servicing requested. At the same time, Kathy put her life on hold to research and investigate what had happened. She discovered what our Government most likely now knows, and is in fear of, a “slippery slope” verdict.

Bank of America didn’t do their paperwork on the Torrenga’s property and they have definitely underestimated the will of these homeowners.

For more information on this story contact:

phone: 231-736-5235

email: Michigan Foreclosure Fraud

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  1. jen says:

    It’s unfortunate, but I know personally of HUNDREDS this has happened to in Muskegon alone. It seems as if every single home in this area has just been foreclosed on for one bank screw up or another and no attorney as far as chicago can be found. They may claim to represent you, take your money and Ironically end up working with the slime kicking you out of your homes. It is sad that no one cares and no one can do anything but cry, kick and scream and waste what little money they have left on “pretend help” I am so sorry to hear of yet another losing their home from no fault of their own.

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