I had no idea before I clicked over to his page, but it was no surprise to find out that a person who was participating in the same Facebook conversation that I was and had come to the same conclusions I have about money and it being created out of thin air is a fellow musician. Not sure why we music-types can see through all this BS, but governments tend to not like musicians; as the Soviets used to say: “Today he plays jazz, tomorrow he betrays his country.”

So why do musicians see through this fiat currency scam?  Others see through it too, of course; I just enjoy giving musicians a little extra credit because I am one.  Well, it may be because, as Robert Fripp once said, “The reward of the musician is music,” not money.  That is true of any profession–except maybe banking.  Indeed, the reward of the football player is football.  The reward of the teacher is teaching.  And so on.

Once a person can see that there are incentives other than money and financial profit, one can see The Financial System–as opposed to the economy–for what is is: a system for centralizing power and control into the hands of a very few people. And once you’ve seen that simple reality, it can’t be unseen. And then you feel compelled to get everyone else to see it.

So again, here is my idea for a solution:

Indeed, since the dollar has been a pure fiat currency (i.e., backed by nothing and created out of thin air) since 1971, the cat has been let out of the bag that you can actually run a society on…nothingness. It has now been proven that society can run on imaginary “money” that has no inherent value, that is given value only by our faith in it, and is in fact created by we the people.  So why should anyone but we the people create the money?  It doesn’t really exist anyway, but we know that people do appreciate a token, a feeling that they have not been taken advantage of.  That is where the self-issued currency I have written about before comes in:

“I propose that government/central bank-issued money be replaced with self-issued currency.  That is, each individual person can issue as much currency as he or she needs to buy whatever he or she wants.  And he or she would also have to accept the self-issued currency of others.  Sounds crazy, I know, but it’s not.  At all.  I’ll give you a couple reasons it’s not:

1) Money is already self-issued…

2)Money is already worthless.”

And let’s face it, there’s going to have to be some kind of change in the financial system sooner rather than later.  Might as well go into this inevitable change with an idea of something that benefits all people, instead of a small handful.

Let me close with a passage from an earlier post mentioned above–“The Solution”:

“…since the money isn’t real, then the debt isn’t either.  Indeed, If we all would accept the truth that the money that was “loaned” to us for houses, cars, educations, etc. was not in fact a loan at all but instead was a purposeful hoax–a trick played on us to get us to spend our lives in a perpetual state of anxiety, panic, and labor that benefits the corporation/state instead of ourselves–we could easily allow all of this “debt” to be forgiven/repudiated immediately and start over from scratch with a new and better system.  Indeed, that’s the real story of the Bank of England’s press release about money creation: they are telling us in no uncertain terms that we’ve been had and that we were purposely misled.”

Click the image below for more self-issued currency articles/research:


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