Here are three Google Earth screenshots of 400 National Way Simi Valley, CA, which refer to this story–WTF? BANK OF AMERICA AND FANNIE MAE SUPPOSEDLY HAVE THE SAME ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER:

Front view–no corporate names or even a name of the structure are visible…

LRM 400 National Way Front

But go around to the left side there’s Bank of America’s logo:

LRM 400 National Way Left side entrance

Same if you go around to the right side…

LRM 400 National Way Google Earth

No Fannie Mae logos are other indication that this is a Fannie Mae building are apparent from these screenshots.  Having looked around the perimeter of the building several times on Google Earth, it now strikes me that what I’m calling the “front” of the building is actually the side and that there is no entrance in the “front.”  The “front” is what faces the Ronald Reagan Freeway outside.  It now seems that the actual entrances are what I called the “left side” and “right side” above, and that indicates that the Bank of America logo is present there to let visitors know that 400 National Way is indeed, a Bank of America building.  Not a Fannie Mae building.  And it seems like the “left side” is the main entrance because it appears to have series of granite (?) steps leading up to it while the “right side” looks less formal.

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