Soon we will have a new deposition to pore and obsess over, getting ever closer to that sweet day when all of this foreclosure fraud is out in the open!  Housing Wire explains:

“A New York judge ruled that Wells Fargo (WFC) can’t keep its Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual out of a lawsuit in federal court.

U.S. Judge Allan Gropper agreed to allow the 150-page manual – a copy of which was obtained by plaintiff’s attorney – into a lawsuit being brought on behalf of a homeowner by attorney Linda Tirelli against Wells Fargo, the largest mortgage servicer in the United States.

The case is an objection to foreclosure claims in bankruptcy in Mota v. Wells Fargo.


As part of the judge’s ruling, Wells Fargo must also provide Tirelli a witness to answer questions about the guidebook in a deposition.”

Granted, the defendants in this case did not oppose the now-infamous Wells Fargo Foreclosure Attorney Procedures Manual being deemed “non-confidential” in their Memorandum of Law filed 4/3/14.  They did, however, object to discovery being reopened.  Judge Gropper denied that–gotta love it when banks lose motions!

The “Tirelli” referred to above is of course, attorney Linda Tirelli, who is of counsel to the attorney of the debtor-one Carlos Mota–in this case.  Here are some previous LRM articles about Tirelli : “Conspiracy Fact, Not Theory: Wells Fargo’s Manual” and “‘If You Don’t Have The Documents, Perhaps You Just Don’t Have The Right To Foreclose’“.

Interestingly, the transcript of the April 8 hearing which decided this cannot be accessed via PACER and can only be viewed at the Bankruptcy Court:


Could this be the beginning of the end?  Has the worm turned?  Bankruptcy court doesn’t screw around (see, for example, “Is Bankruptcy The Only Way Out of The Foreclosure Steamroller?“).  Fingers crossed!  Stay tuned…


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