Wolf of Wall Street

“It” being the stock market, stocks, money, everything, as Matthew McConaughey’s coked-up stockbroker explains in the above scene from “Wolf of Wall Street.”

The important point about it all?  “It’s not fucking real,” as McConaughey’s character points out.  In other words, they know.  The brokers, the dealers, the SEC, everyone.  They. Know.  They know it’s all, as the McConaughey character says, a convoluted game of illusion with the purpose being to take money out of our pockets and put it into their pockets.

As McConaughey’s character says: “We don’t create shit.  We don’t build anything.”  Exactly–they steal.

The movie came across to me as more or less a celebration of Wall Street fakery and fraud, but there are a few scenes in it–like this one–that tell us, right there on the big screen, what is really going on…

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