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Quantum Theory of Fake Money and Fraud: “The black hole of debt is starting to warp the financial universe”

Professor Max “Planck” Keiser again breaks down for us what is really going on in Episode 827 of the Keiser Report.  Professor Stacy “Einstein” Herbert tells us that in the past few episodes, she and Max had been talking about … Continue reading

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Crossfade: Global Financial System Fading Out, So Global Police State Being Turned Up

Crossfade: a radio/DJ term for keeping music and/or the beat going between one song that is ending and another one that is beginning.  Or as Wikipedia puts it regarding how crossfaders are used: “A crossfader on a DJ mixer essentially … Continue reading

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“It” being the stock market, stocks, money, everything, as Matthew McConaughey’s coked-up stockbroker explains in the above scene from “Wolf of Wall Street.” The important point about it all?  “It’s not fucking real,” as McConaughey’s character points out.  In other … Continue reading

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A couple of interesting stories read over the weekend about how–not to beat a dead horse (because this horse is very much alive)–everything is rigged, from the “economy” to war. First a great one from Ellen Brown regarding interest-rate swaps, … Continue reading

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