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Why Is All Money Ultimately Fake? Economist Steve Keen Explains. Time to Break Your Conditioning.

In a post-Oxi appearance on the Keiser Report (episode #780), noted economist Steve Keen spoke about the Greek economic situation specifically, then about the nature of debt generally, and in so doing perfectly encapsulated what I recently have been chastised … Continue reading

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“Welfare State for the Banking System,” Not You and Me

Stacy Herbert nails what is wrong with the current order of things: “(approx. 7:38) This is the class war that Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, has talked about–that his class is winning.  And part of … Continue reading

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Crossfade: Global Financial System Fading Out, So Global Police State Being Turned Up

Crossfade: a radio/DJ term for keeping music and/or the beat going between one song that is ending and another one that is beginning.  Or as Wikipedia puts it regarding how crossfaders are used: “A crossfader on a DJ mixer essentially … Continue reading

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You may remember the LRM story from March of this year which asked the question—in the context of mortgage foreclosures—“Judges: Dupes or in on it?”  From that article: “Judges have to know what’s going on.  They read the news.  They’re … Continue reading

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